I didn’t fail the Bechdel test, but I cheated. You kind of have to.

As Eldritch points out, this article is brilliant.

Mens Rights Sydney

So, what is the Bechdel Test, and why does it seem to be so surprisingly difficult to pass such a seemingly simple set of criteria?

To begin with, the Bechdel Test is a simple and easy test to see if a work of fiction, such as a movie, book, video game, or other piece of media can meet absolute bare minimum feminist standards. The concept is that if you can’t even pass such an easy test, you really can’t be trying that hard.

The test itself is comprised of these three criteria:

1: There must be at least two or more women
2: Who talk to each other
3: About something other than a man.

Huh. Well that really does sound easy doesn’t it? Why do so many things fail the Bechdel Test, then? Is it some conspiracy against women? Is it some awful sexist thing where women are only…

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