Dear Hermione

The men’s rights movement extends to Italy. Nice. The author reflects many of my thoughts, and has introduced me to a new concept: Gender Mainstreaming. Imagine, a 30 year old UN program, and I’ve never heard of it. I have now, and I’ll have to dig into it.


it came to my notice that recently you had a speech at the UN, under the flag of UN Women, to call men and boys to support women.

It might be a surprise for you but we, men, already do it, and have done it for a long, long time. Of course, few of us are mighty as Harry Potter, and we can’t fix everything, actually we have issues in fixing our own issues. We are just human, as strange as it may seem to some people.

At first glance, I wondered: “Is she presenting a new movie?” Then I realized you were just appointed as a “goodwill ambassador” by UN. What a great achievement for such a young woman. Did you take the fast lane? However, I understand you are used to red carpets.

Beside you, the comforting presence of Ban Ki Moon, chair of UN, whose profession is to justify the…

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