Human evil and the most transparent phishing attempt ever

I’ve just received this in my inbox this morning.

Seems legit, eh?


I have had many people try to blow smoke up my ass about how people are good and kind, and if only we had this or that political system, this or that religion, one ideal or another, if only this were in place, all would be perfect.

This simple, stupid little phishing attempt embodies why no one system will ever transform our planet under the dawn of a bright new utopia of rational, reasonable, respectful humans. People can be good. And even most good people are lazy, greedy and selfish. This isn’t a reason to get down. We’re apes. Monkeys grabbing for the grape before the other one gets it. Accept this, understand that this part of our nature, and find that personal attacks are rarely personal, that evil is typically self-centred, and that one’s ego or sense of self need not accept the acrimonious verbiage of those that claim moral superiority as a justification for their own behaviour.

People are both bad and good, and often, on the same day.

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