On “Female Privilege” and Male Entitlement

I find that often, my posts are delete from Facebook. Here is a typical response. Let us see if it remains.


An example of female social privilege is to assume that sex is something she gives and he has to give away for.

Those who claim that men (as a generalization) believe that they are entitled to sex, tell me why you believe they would bother ponying up for dates, if your body was something they were _entitled_ to? As a man, I can tell you that society–women, specifically, and feminist women frequently, have imparted the message that a man is lesser than a woman, and he has to “earn” her affections.

Most women not only expect him to, but assume that he will somehow “pay” for sex, ranging from small gifts to marriage. If the world were in fact “equal,” and self-proclaimed feminist women were sincere, they would approach to the same degree that men do, would pay as much as men do, and would jump though as many hoops as men do.

A number of women here will respond with claim that they approach men on a regular basis. Show, don’t tell. I’d like to see this board start a campaign exhorting women to take the same initiatives that men do. Let’s have a poster campaign!

Failure to do so would be an act of hypocrisy. “Do we as say you should, not as we do.” Create campaigns that teach women not to rape men and boys. Have campaigns that teach men to protect themselves from predatory women–you _do_ believe in equality, don’t you?

If you believe in your ideology, and believe that it is about “equality of the sexes”, show, don’t tell.

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