Re: Christina Hoff-Sommer’s take on Emma Watson’s #HeForShe speech

This speech was little more than an appeal to chivalry. When men’s problems are solved, then so, too, will women’s, yet the campaign is He for She. She invited men to address women’s issues, but never once did she suggest that women might also address men’s issues. She intimated that men’s problems were their own, and they should fix it–so that women’s problems can resolved. This was little more than a more diplomatic version of the same nonsense spouted on tumblr. I do not understand why Ms. Hoff-Sommers insists on clinging to a label that is not reflected in the behaviour of its proponents, or even to the most popular definitions of the word. As she said, one might use a different term. Using a different word will only be helpful if the entirety of the fallacious underpinnings of Feminism are also rejected.

The problem with Feminism is not that Feminism is a dirty word, but that the word points to the behaviour of those act in accordance with the tenets of a bigoted ideology.

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