I wish I were a hammer and twitter, a nail

So here I am on twitter. I can’t actually speak to an individual that doesn’t follow me, but I can follow people. I’m interested in a limited number of topics. I follow a few people, Daniel Dennett, Steve Pinker, some men’s rights activists that I respect, you know, those that I actually know and/or whose thoughts I respect. Suddenly, this twitter timeline is full of f*cking cute cats, and infinite re-tweets of people who I don’t know, about whose opinion I couldn’t care less, and whose content is a complete waste of my time.

Here’s what I want:

I want to follow the latest whatever from those that I follow, and to communicate with them. I don’t want cats, f*cking cute or otherwise, strangers, or this maddening, drink-from-the-firehose deluge of irrelevancy.

I imagined that twitter was a kind of very short blog posting: thoughtful, pertinent pointers to relevant material. One person I follow sends about 25 cryptic tweets with shortened URLs per day. Another lady’s tweet stream seems to consist mostly of retweets that are as relevant as a birth control ad on a casket.

At the moment,  I wish I were a hammer and twitter, a nail.

Am I just in the wrong department? I’m looking for tools, not lingerie.


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