*Sigh* I broke down and got a twitter account.

I’ve finally dragged my ass one more step out of social media Luddism and got a twitter account. This amazing invention, it seems does not allow you to respond to people unless they follow you. Social, neh? So, I get to follow 140 character expletives of people whose long and thoughtful articles, videos, podcasts are interesting. Should they post something to which I want to reply to, they’ll never get it, because they don’t “follow” me.

I now understand why people spend such energy into begging for people to follow them: without it, one is shouting into a desolate wasteland. Listen to me! Follow me! How f*cking narcissistic.

Isn’t there a “Hi, let’s talk” symbol?

WTF use is twitter? At the moment, I think it is as twice as stupid an idea as I did when it was first created.

Anyhow, should anyone have any interest on “following” me on twitter (doesn’t that sound like an invitation to stalk?) you can do it here:


And yes, it has made me cranky.


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