The sexual exploitation of boys

The sexual exploitation of boys. 1 in 6 men or boys you’ve met have likely been victims of sexual abuse, by either men, or women. Listen to Lynne MacDonell, therapist and leader of the group A Time for Men speak at University of Toronto on the subject of sexual abuse of men and boys. This is a simple, but fact-full talk, that everyone who considers themselves to be a fair person should listen to.This will probably be uncomfortable for many. That’s OK. Listen anyway. Some of you might not care. You’re the ones that should listen to it the most, if only to know that such things happen to men and boys too. If you sincerely believe in equality of the sexes, it’s time to stop seeing one sex as being exclusive perpetrators, and another, exclusively as victims.

This is one of the best talks I’ve heard in years. It is short, simple, and full of revealing observations.

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