Feminism’s new attempt at rhetoric

I notice that more and more Feminist rhetoric is trying to come across as male positive, yet, they still are the same condescending, patronizing people they were when they didn’t bother hiding their disrespect and hatred. The new message is shaping away from “You’re a raping bastard”, but “We’re the Feminists, we like you when you do what we like.”

I recommend not listening though the ad.


3 thoughts on “Feminism’s new attempt at rhetoric

  1. Holy fuck is that condescending or what? If a man made the same kind of video about what women should do they would go fucking nuts! Somebody needs to [have an honest discussion with this person.]

    Note: Edited by Francis. I appreciate passion, even anger, and I insist that all comments posted on this blog reflect a fundamental respect for people. Let’s use our words, friends. :)

  2. Anaala Richardson says:

    That’s appalling. Do these people ever stop to put themselves in the position they wish to force men into?

    • Francis Roy says:

      From their point of view, they are oppressed. When one takes the credit for being imposed upon, it’s only natural to view one’s so-called oppressor as non-human. This is a natural by-product of accept bad tenets as a root assumption.

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