Real Rape vs. Rape Culture …and who is sig.other?

Steven Crowder put up a fairly decent video, worth the listen.

I left a comment.

Rape is not the worst crime that one can commit. Burning children alive, putting a burning tire around their neck, as does Boka Haram is worse. Selling them into sexual slavery, though similar is worse. Or, as is common in Sierra Leon, transforming boys into psychopathic child soldiers is worse. Forcing a child chop off his parent’s hands, or having him have sex with the body of his mother, who he has just killed with a machete is worse. Shoving gun up a woman’s vagina, or her or a man’s anus and pulling the trigger is worse. Anyone who claims that “rape is the worse crime” has no notion of just how deeply depraved an ignorant and power hungry person can be. Rwandan massacre anyone? That having been said, I’m not much for the decapitation of live persons, and we see in some areas of the middle-east. This man’s error is that because he’s a safe, well-fed, privileged Westerner, has no experience of real horror, and thus takes a popular political opinion at face value because he knows no better. But good on him for his video anyway, is point is well taken.

Of course, I’m only on my first coffee of the day, and that’s my temporary excuse for being the typical curmudgeon that I am. As I continued reading the comments, I was delighted to find this unsually insightful comment by someone who signs as “sig.other”

I think discussing which horrible crime is “horribler” is not productive; trying to counter feminists’ context-less shouting match trying to establish which abstract violation of rights is “worser” cannot be successful because the point is spurious. Particular instances of rape are worse than some murders, and some murders are worse than certain instances of rape; or torture, or kidnapping, or what have you. That’s why we have varying degrees of punishment for each and every crime.

In fact, I don’t even think feminists argue this point to establish that rape is “worse” than murder. I think the argument is an attempt to get you to fall into their trap of arguing that rape is a female-victimizing gendered crime by trying to abstract away the individualized natures of individual criminal acts. By doing so, you reinforce their collectivist notions of group accountability and thus group punishment: by allowing them to group all rapes into an abstract (which will inevitably be gendered as female, because statistics and CDC definitions), YOU are reinforcing and supporting the basis for the “don’t be that guy” kind of group-blaming that the rad-fems are propagating these days.

Our counter must be that we must not focus on the group, or the gender, or the label of the offense: each individual’s rights must be judged and protected in every particularized situation. I think the video got this, to some extent – Dunham’s purported “rape” is not equivalent to the two victims the video showed the redacted pictures of. As the video shows, the situations should be judged on the individual circumstances of each and not the “rape” label some people have chosen to haphazardly apply to the highly different situations that were presented. Men, or women, or any other group only get their rights respected and protected when they are individualized as single, distinct human beings, which prevents the oppressors from establishing a group of the dissimilar “other” to abstractly denounce. Arguing whether abstract rape or abstract murder are worse devolves into this context-dropping label application and defeats the purpose of advancing and protecting men’s equal rights.

sig.other, I don’t know who you are. I’ve read a number of your comments on disqus, and I’d like to meet you. If you find this, please get in touch with me via my contact page with your blog info, I’d like to read more of your thoughts.

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