Feminism is not a hate movement: a rebuttal.


I’ll pay devil’s advocate, and start off by asking you to look up a very common word: “hate,” which is actually the active tense of the word “hatred.” Hatred is an intense dislike of or ill-will or hostility toward [something].

Let us take an ideology whose root concepts are first, “women as a class are both subjugated and oppressed,” and second “by men.” With this, we take young, easily influenced people, give them a one-sided narrative, an endless litany of incorrect statistics, outright falsehoods, and a cause to appeal to their youthful and still uneducated minds. Promote causes based upon this ideological foundation though the efforts and funding of radicalized individuals and what do we have, if not a movement that promotes the hatred of men?

Take these young people, allow them to grow, and urge them to enter fields that grant them power and influence, and allows them to wield it with authority: lawyers, writers, professors, politicians and media personalities. What do we have, if not the hatred of men becoming institutionalized?

Let a few years pass, the previous generation makes way for this one. What will these people work for? For what they believe in, and for what assures our young people, now grown to full adults, a consistent stream of revenue, contacts and power. The two false tenets are now the basis of policy, which informs law. What do we have, if not institutionalized discrimination against men, as a class, and the promotion of “empowerment” for women, who, having victim status, are treated with advantages that are not afforded men–privilege based on sex and class.

What do we have, now, if not an equivalent of “the” patriarchy?

All that is needed is for a “a few radicals” to be in such a position, as they have been for the last 50 years–a full generation–or so. It is not needed for 51% of the population to act upon this, all that is required is a  few radicalized people, a “minority” of “extremists”, to make the right moves. Most people will simply go along. When these are the people who identify as Feminist, define Feminism, set the frame of discussion, peddle their influence, set the laws and have them enforced at a global level, are they not in fact the true representatives of a movement?

For for thought.



I welcome your thoughtful feedback, and encourage you to present thoughtful counter-arguments.

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2 thoughts on “Feminism is not a hate movement: a rebuttal.

  1. I find this unpersuasive.

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