synonym for woman-hater. Oh really?

Apparently the staff at Roget’s 21st Century Thesaurus ( aren’t aware that Feminism is a political ideology, and that women are people.

Anti-Feminism is the opposition to the political ideology of Feminism. Misogyny is the hatred of women. Are those who work at Roget’s politically biased?


I sent them a brief email via their contact page:

I am taking this opportunity to inform you of an error in content on the following page:

Under synonyms for “sexist” the following words: “misanthrope” and “anti-feminist” are included.

I bring to your attention that a misanthrope is one who hates or mistrusts humankind, and that feminism is a political ideology, not one or more women.

As hating all humankind is not a fear or loathing of women in particular, and that holding views that oppose those of a political ideology is not sexist, both are in error.

I would kindly ask that in the interest of accuracy, that these entries be removed as synonyms for the term “sexist” and that in the interest in not being sexist, that either the term “male chauvinist” be removed, and replaced with the simple term “chauvinist” or that the term “female chauvinist” be included.

I would appreciate your feedback on the matter. Thank you for your attention.

Please see screenshot at

Francis Roy.

Feel free to have a chat with them, if you enjoy the correct use of the English language.


FireShot Screen Capture #057 - 'Dictionary_com - Contact Us' - content_dictionary_com_contact_Content Error&z=1&r=http___content_dictionary_com_about_contact

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