This is what Feminism looks like: Dehumanizing men.

Is this acceptable to you?

If not, then neither should this.


Go ahead, tell me to look the term “Feminism” up in the dictionary, so that I can know “what Feminism really means.” Tell me that Not All Feminists Are Like That. Share with me, how “Feminism is about equality of the sexes.”

I believe that I can find more of such things in a day than you can find of messages that promote that men and women are both worthy of dignity and how both should be treated justly, impartially and with kindness in a month.

When Feminism is deeply ensconced in the UN, Federal governments, corporate and local business, media and culture in general, there is no good reason to believe that “It’s only a few extremists.”

I hereby challenge anyone to make a cogent, reality-based, evidence-based argument for the claim that “Feminism is not a hate movement.” Convince me. I will listen to any argument that is cogent and fact-based.

Convince me. I pledge an skeptically rigorous and intellectually integral inspection of your arguments.

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