On respect.

The following is just a one-comment exchange between myself and another.

This person asked, with an apparent sense of frustration and annoyance: “[W]hy can’t people treat other people with respect?”

I ask myself the same question daily, and have tried to come to an honest answer.

1. We are mammals, whose emotional brain overrides our calculating brain.

2. As a society, we do not patch into that brain to make behaviour based on high character and intelligence a desirable trait. In other words, we don’t make respect and self-respect “cool” and attractive.

3. Culturally and institutionally we do not offer many role-models and behavioural procedures for handling situation X. We literally lack the training (and education) for behaving well.

In short, we lack the motivation and the means to override our emotional impulses and the moment we have the slightest smidgen of emotion or adrenaline, we revert to being the monkeys that we are.

The only thing that we can do is to work on our own character, and to provide a living example as often as we can.

Please answer the following question.

If you were in charge of creating a program designed to influence the average person on the street to live their lives in such a way that they choose to incorporate being thoughtful and respectful to people in their lives, what steps would you take? How would you build this campaign?

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