Angela Simpson, murderer. A remarkable interview

I don’t know if Angela is a psychopath or not. I have read that psychopaths are very skilled at charming people. I found myself liking this person immediately. Then when I learned of some of the acts that she’d perpetrated, I was horrified–yet, I still like her. I think that it may be because she’s well-spoken, seemingly educated, intelligent and self-responsible.

I observed her body language very carefully, allowing my mind to register the series of clusters of micro-movements. While she appears to be sincere, I do intuit a deception, one which I cannot discern.

Should the universe be turned upside down and I, transformed into a macabre something that I’m not, and were I caught, I would hope to be as straightforward and not whimpering excuses as so many do, but taking responsibility for my actions as she has.

Then again, I’m far more intent in making sure that I never find myself in a position where committing such atrocities so much as approaches a possibility.

This was a remarkable interview–and I’m glad to say that we’ll never meet.

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