anti-#GamerGate: quality arguments

I play video games. Very few, and infrequently, but I occasionally do. I’m not a “gamer” any more than Sunday house-cleaning makes me a janitor. It’s something I do, it’s not who I am.

I’ve been casually following the #GamerGate debacle, listening to both sides. The following video is the anti-#GamerGate position. These are very persuasive arguments–if you’re a chronically abused seven year-old.

A number of gaming magazines are faced with a consumer revolt, in large part because of the accusation of, and from what I can tell, well-evidenced so-called “journalistic” breach of ethics. When given the opportunity to put their side of the story before the public, the message is uniform. The following is typical of responses by that segment of the industry.

“Because GamerGate loser are so stupid, I’ll spell it out here:
NO I WON’T BE “ENGAGING” WITH YOU! Because you’re a waste of time. Because you’re beneath contempt. And because you are LIARS! Go to hell the lot of you. You’re nothing and nobody.”

Note that this is a physically grown man, enough to have grey in his beard.

How can we take this side’s arguments seriously, when this is a perfect reflection of all the anti-#GamerGate’s stance, not only ethically, intellectually, but emotionally?

Were I to treat my clients in this manner, even the most loyal would abandon me in a heart-beat.

What has become of our world that this kind of behaviour is considered not only acceptable, but influential?

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