A term to kill: “privilege”

Let us unceremoniously dump the word privilege for a more accurate word: advantage.

All advantages are contextual. A Chinese woman has more “privileges” than I would were I in China as a tourist. A financially wealthy person has advantages anywhere that money can procure resources and labour. A tonne of gold is useless if there is no trade to be had with it. And let us remember that advantages are only advantages insofar as they get you what you want. You might be the best looking man in the world, but that advantage will be useless to you if what you’re looking for is a woman, and you are surrounded by only men. Context, context, context.

People, it seems, fail to escape from the bird-trap of Feminist language because they don’t keep their feet on the ground. Let us dump the useless Feminist usage of the term “privilege.”

It is chosen because of the presupposition that one group has an advantage that the other doesn’t. That’s what privilege is: a special exemption or right. This supports the message of class oppression, the Us vs. Them.

One of the Feminist’s most powerful tool is the use of presupposition and obfuscating language.

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One thought on “A term to kill: “privilege”

  1. Tarnished says:

    First, let me say that I absolutely agree with this.

    Secondly, I have had professors in college who didn’t.
    In one notable instance, I had a (blatantly feminist) Social Issues
    professor who insisted that if a non-native speaking middle aged white
    American male was dropped into the middle of a Japanese fishing village,
    with no immediate way home, he would still be the most “privileged”
    person there. Wtf?

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