Feminist hypocrisy and more thoughts on MGTOW

First, this excellent rant by Mykeru is the kind that I wish I could deliver to a captive audience while on my fourth beer.

In the comment threads, someone had said

“Perhaps with the loosening of gender roles and stereotypes men who are harassed by their partners will be taken seriously instead of being made fun of or looked down upon for not being “real men”. Institutional feminist could help with this, but I’m not holding my breath. ”

I’m convinced that it cannot. Feminism, despite it’s claims to some form of gender equality, is, very much in practice, as Mykeru pointed out, the enforcement of sexual stereotypes: women as weak and helpless, and men as dominant and aggressive toward women.

For men, as far as I’m concerned, the only option is MGTOW, which is truly the abandon of sex roles: not your provider, not your protector, not your baby-maker, not your relationship-object.

And MGTOW, by the way, doesn’t attempt to enforce its choices on others. MGTOW speaks to what we will not do, not what we expect another to do. We merely state that these are the minimal rules of interaction with us, or we withdraw: Play fair with us, not at all.

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