How you can help men, and promote fairness

Recently, an author by the name of Chris Good has penned articles on The Huffington Post, a well-known Feminist enclave. He writes critiques of Feminism and discusses men’s rights. This is somewhat of an unusual and daring act for them. Let them know that we’ve noticed and that we appreciate it. Provide positive feedback to HuffPo. Get your friends to do so as well.

But don’t merely limit the kudos to HuffPo– positively reinforce any magazine, website, radio show or television programme speaks of genuine equality and fairness, when they put men in a positive light, when they hold women to account in what would normally be dismissed because of benevolent sexism.

Give them praise when they do well.

Write a polite and courteous note of appreciation–and CC any the leadership of the companies that advertised on that page. Make yourself pledge to do this at least once per week. It’s 30 minutes of easy and effective activism that you can do.

This is an example of a simple letter I fired off to HuffPo.

I’ve been reading articles written by Chris Good, and I must say that it is refreshing to have someone speak simply and positively about men for a change. He also has the courage to be contrarian in these political times.

For as long as The Huffington Post continues to write articles that despite not adhering to a mainstream narrative, remain positive towards both sexes, I shall continue to read your website, and where applicable, avail myself of your advertiser’s products and services, while letting them know where their advertisements were exposed.

Keep up this kind of good work.

Francis Roy.

One person who writes a polite note does not amount to much. Many people, even a dozen or so, a constant trickle, CCing the advertisers does, especially if they aren’t from the usual suspects. Too often, people will write only to express disagreement. I suggest that we give some positive feedback, for a change.

If you do choose to do this, thank you.


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