Women going their own way? No way.

MGTOW is an observation, not a philosophy.

Look at all of those guys running out of burning buildings!

The house (relationships) is extremely flammable (potential legal threats), and men have either been burned or are unwilling to take the risk of being burned, so are choosing to live in the open air to mitigate the risk.

That’s the phenomenon. Nothing more.

We now have the me-too crowd of women who are attempting to figure out how they, too, can be part of this label-club. “We are strong, independent, fair and good people! Your club is popular! We want in! Let us appropriate your label!”

Women’s houses aren’t nearly as flammable, there’s no need for them to run to safety to avoid being burned. They are following men into the open spaces. It will only be a brief time until they start trying to build flammable houses around us. Cut it out!

MGTOW is not a tourist destination or a community; it is a refugee camp.

Only an idiot follows someone into a refugee camp when they have a perfectly safe home to go to. Stop trying to follow us.

Ladies and Gentlemen, let us be clear about something: if your intention is to live and express fairness and impartiality, if you want to demonstrate a sensitivity to men’s issues to be balanced, fair and impartial, go for it!

Here’s what I know.

You don’t need a label. You don’t need to call yourself WGTOW. Or Feminists. Or Egalitarian. You don’t need to call yourself anything.

Just be fair and impartial. If you are, we’ll notice. Trying to stand under a flag has nothing to do with being a good person.

Just be the good person you want the world to perceive you as by building a better world.


13 thoughts on “Women going their own way? No way.

  1. Spawny Get says:

    Reblogged this on Spawny's Space and commented:
    And here he goes again…

  2. Spawny Get says:

    I visited AVFM the other day and looked at a few comments (I used to do this quite a bit, but not so much in the last couple of years).

    Hey! look at all the tone policing and banning…how cool is that? Just how smart was it to move to DISQUS in order to allow/encourage newbie to join in?

    Not very, IMHO.

    There now appears to be much more of an orthodoxy imposed on what one can, and cannot, say. If you just got bit by reality and have gone red-pill, no need to visit AVFM, they don’t want to hear anger.

    All aboard or trad-con central…IMHO

    • Francis Roy says:

      Spanwny said: “There now appears to be much more of an orthodoxy imposed on what one can, and cannot, say. If you just got bit by reality and have gone red-pill, no need to visit AVFM, they don’t want to hear anger.

      All aboard or trad-con central…IMHO”

      I am hearing this over and over, and as someone that follows relatively closely, I don’t get it, I’m not seeing it. Maybe my frog has been boiled.

      What is an example of orthodoxy bring imposed? Can you point me to a specific comment, or article that exemplifies this?

      Same with the tradcon comments. I don’t get it, I don’t see it. Maybe I’m too close to see it. Can you point to a specific comment or article?

      Either I’m blind, or a lot of people–none who give precise examples–are repeating Tradcon! because they’ve heard others say it.

      Help me out here.

      • Spawny Get says:

        Tone policing: I’m not going back in to find whatever I was reading last night, but I saw a guy ban-hammered for saying something along the lines of ‘not only was he not going to be shamed for being a white male, he was proud to be one’. – thou shalt be PC sayeth the lady with the ban hammer. (that’s PC, not tradcon).

        I’m too tired right now for sensible discourse (long day), but I’d recommend that RBK video ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8gxKqthI3o8 ). I’m at 19:33 and I’m nodding away at what he’s saying…does that fuel your post writing (hope so, I like your posts).

        I hope to do better tomorrow, but that’s all I got for now…please don;t let me stop you

      • Francis Roy says:

        Address it when you’re ready. I know what it’s like to be mentally exhausted.

        I listen to almost all of RBK’s stuff, and often I find him funny, but I don’t generally consider him sensible.

      • Spawny Get says:

        He’s not been a major source for me. Since the split I have given his irritating voice more time.

  3. Spawny Get says:

    At 17:12 (as far as I’ve got so far) he starts addressing AVFM’s chances of achieving anything by going mainstream

  4. Emma the Emo says:

    I haven’t seem women trying to join MGTOW yet, but I somewhat anticipate that attempt. Where is it?

    • Francis Roy says:

      Right now I’m seeing the word pop up everywhere. Diana Davidson is the first one who brought it to my attention. I’ve spotted a number of websites. Just google WGTOW. Even Tarn is getting into the act.

      • Tarnished says:

        Lol, I’m not wedded to the term, Francis. In fact, I have a post in the works that discusses the views you’ve touched on here and links back to this very post.
        I think you’re correct: Men are the ones who are in the “burning building” of Western society, and women shouldn’t try to appropriate the name/acronym of those who seek to leave it.
        However, I also know a term *is* needed. In the same way there’s a distinct difference between a man who makes a conscious choice to go his own way (MGTOW) and a man who simply doesn’t want to get married for whatever reason but has no ideology to back up his beliefs (a common bachelor), so too are their differences between females.
        Now, there are other terms that have been used through the ages to describe single women, but the majority aren’t ones that are particularly flattering…”spinster” for example. Or “old maid”. These bring to mind an elderly or middle age woman that was not desired by anyone as a mate, or was perhaps too finicky in her standards (aka looking for a perfect man, rather than a good man). Such words don’t equate to a female who has her act together, has a good job, has a caring and pleasant personality, watches her finances, is moral and helpful, is in good shape physically/emotionally/mentally, etc…yet doesn’t require or even want male validation or societal acceptance. I’d argue that such a female is a perfect ally to MGTOW, simply because she sees men as people not wallets or providers, as she takes care of herself.
        The very fact that 99% of the manosphere absolutely believe that all of the female sex is constantly looking for a protector/provider/baby-giver necessitates the creation of a term for those who want to clarify their position as Not That.
        Is WGTOW the correct term? No, but it’s the only one in use right now. I will seek to change that.

      • Francis Roy says:

        This is what makes the difference between you and posers. You’re looking for a word to suit what you’ve already got. Others look for ways to fit their lives into a word to be part of a club. For the longest time, I just told people that I was “Deliberately single.”

        I sort of glommed on to the term MGTOW because it really is a nice term, it is a postive direction rather than a mere statement of fact. The problem that I’m having with it right now is that we’ve got a bunch of exclusive ideologues who are trying to lay claim to knowing exactly who is what and what boxes must or must not be checked, and if the the wrong ones are, then it’s open season for name calling.

        Fuck that. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a word can paint limitless ambiguity. Until I see that people are cluing in to be down to earth and practical about it, I must just drop the term altogether. To promote it would only be to promote strife.

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