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The cost of a false rape accusation when proven innocent? $20,000

Why do some women make false accusations of rape? For some, its anger, for others, jealously, for some to save $13 in cab fare. Katelyn Webster’s reason? She’d rather send an innocent young man to face brutality in the prison system for 5 to 10 years, than admit to her father that she had voluntarily gotten “sucker-bites” while having spent the night at another man’s house.

In short: she chose a random man, and threw him into the legal meat-grinder to save herself a tongue-lashing.

Even though Matt Folino has been found innocent of the accusation, he spent four days in jail, and the cost in lawyer fees was nonetheless $20,000.

“When it’s ‘his word versus her word’, you need to pause and you need more [evidence].” This needs to be a campaign.

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Yet another reason to go MGTOW

Interview With Woman Who Sell Positive Pregnancy Tests Online

And this is yet another reason I choose to go MGTOW. People lie. There are few things as damaging and harmful to a man as being lied to about the provenance of one’s child.

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Police Interview Footage Of Woman Who Wrongly Accused Man of Rape

A woman lies about an abduction, makes a false rape accusation, spends 35 days in jail and spends one month wearing an ankle tracker. The man, a year later, is still trying to pick up the pieces. She should have “false rape accuser” stamped on her file, and made public in a registry, much as we do for sex offenders.

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Debate on Gender Roles: Nature or Nurture?

The sound quality is horrible, but the debate was somewhat interesting.

Camille Paglia from the University of the Arts and Jane Flax from American University discussed “Gender Roles: Nature or Nurture?” during a Janus Forum Debate on October 8, 2013. The Political Theory Institute at the School of Public Affairs, American University hosted the debate.

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Feminists: how to not appear insane

A Christmas gift to Feminists: Here’s how espouse Feminism and seem somewhat reasonable, and not a frothing-at-the-mouth lunatic when speaking to the public.

Wendy McElroy on “How Should Colleges Handle Sexual Assault?”

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Check Your Dirt Poor 3rd World Male Privilege

Check Your Dirt Poor 3rd World Male Privilege

Lana Voreskova said:

At weekends, the teacher meets her friends and they all sit around wondering where all the good men have gone.
/me nods.

Single dad gets no help. Young daughter left homeless: Support the Men’s Centre

I think that it’s terrific that women have all the help they can get, but why is it that men don’t have those same services? Men are human beings. I think there needs to be a greater call for men’s services.

I know that I often write about anti-Feminist issues. My real reason for being an MRA is the kind of story that we hear in this video. I remember when I lived on the streets in Vancouver for a short while, very few women were homeless. Those that were of three types: rock-bottom low-end junkies, prostitutes and teenage girls who thought of it as an adventure. Part of the reason there were more men on the streets than women, was because in the end, women could always trade sexual services for a meal or a place to stay.

You can help by donating to The Canadian Centre for Men and Families

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Your Thrift Habits

I enjoy these old Coronet films. I wish someone had helped me to understand such simple things at Jack’s age.

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RE: Dear Men, please watch

tld;dr. I should have made a video response. You’ve made a lot of points in 8 minutes. I’ve written about 3 minutes worth of text. Read on, brave solider. Long, but concise. I’ve read the article. It is a popularization of something with enormously more depth that it addressed. I think that most of what you say is young, woman, one-side, self-centered. Don’t let that stop you, I’m respectful, because I expect that any response will be equally respectful.

1. “Feminism at its core means ‘Equal Rights for Men and Women.” It doesn’t. Feminism doesn’t mean anything, it is an ideology whose core, root, base assertion is that women are victims of men’s oppression. This is why ‘Equal rights’ is considered an important goal to achieve. Can you name one right in law that men in the Western world have that women do not? Can you name one word spoken, or deed performed on the behalf of women’s rights or interests that cannot be done in the absence of Feminism? No? Done. You can put Feminism away for good now. Tell your friends.

2. Men do not blame the political ideology of Feminism for their being single. You’ve got it backwards. Men choose to remain single to protect ourselves against legal and cultural conditions brought about by Feminists that actively harm men.

3. That you refer to the equivalent of choosing to avoid bullets as “hibernating” demonstrates that your thinking is one-sided, wrong and unfair–and honestly? Ignorant of men’s lives.

4. The points that you make have nothing to do with Feminism, and everything to do with pure, one-sided gynocentrism.

a) You can cry about being hit on a million times a day, as we might door-to-door sales people ringing our doorbell. What you’re failing to understand, young woman, is that this is a privilege that women have and you are taking it for granted. You are inundated with goods. You will not have this issue once you are in your forties, and you will look back on these times with whist and nostalgia. “Oh, when I was young and hot…” Know how to avoid this? Build character and interpersonal skills, and respect for men.

b) You blame “creeps” for women giving men the cold shoulder. “Creep” means “repulsive person.” This is nothing more that your projecting your personal preferences onto other people. That you say “We don’t know who to trust.” is a fair statement. Men are simply doing what you are doing. We don’t know which women to trust, and so we are giving you the cold shoulder, because many women are creeps. You are complaining that men bitch at Feminists, yet you are bitching at “creeps.” You are guilty of the very same act that you are complaining about.

c) Men do not call women “bitches” because they are “independent.” This epithet is usually assigned to those who are rude, unkind, users and/or exemplify a myriad of characteristics that can only be attributed to poor character. Of course, there are those men who are immature or who have poor character that are just as rude, and call names. Distinguish between the two, so that you can know when you are being a bitch, and when you are dealing with one. And sometimes, it’s not exclusive. Welcome to the real world.

d) You are conflating women and Feminism. Women are humans, Feminism is an ideology. Feminists are people who adhere to the ideology. As a self-proclaimed Feminist, why don’t you make this distinction?

e) “Men are blaming women and Feminism for isolating themselves, that is complete bullshit” We’re avoiding creeps and complain about women’s behaviour toward us, and the effects that the institutionalized ideology of Feminism has upon our lives. You complain about “creeps” and “give them the cold shoulder.” That’s what we’re doing. The two are identical. Are your reasons “complete bullshit?”

f) “If women are going out and having more adventures, doesn’t that motivate you to do the same?” First, men aren’t pack animals, we don’t naturally follow a herd. We don’t do what others do just because others are doing it. Second, for many men, our sense of adventure–that which gives us excitement, joy, wonder, life, are sexual relationships. Oh, but that’s bad, right? Men and women are different that way.

g) You then follow up with “I know you might feel discouraged sometimes, You definately should not approach women on the street because 99.99% of the time that will not be effective.” PUAs will tell you differently. And this is why men don’t listen to women for advice on how to pick up women. Women’s advice on “what works” is usually very wrong. They are passengers on a bus telling the driver what makes a good ride for the passengers, not how to get there, Most have never driven a bus. The correct person to ask how to drive the bus is an experienced bus driver, not the passenger.

g.1) “Women don’t know if you’re the good guy or the bad guy.” And we don’t know if you’re the cool chick, or the bitch. The difference is that you have the privilege of being the desired, and men will rarely be pursued by a woman that is not a creep. We pays our dime, we takes our chances. That’s how the world turns. That you don’t like it doesn’t mean we’re wrong to be who we are or what our approach is. Not all of us can afford to pay for your adventure, which you will expect.

h) “Going into hibernation mode” again. You don’t get it. We aren’t in “hibernation mode” we are in “avoid the creeps” and “avoid the creep-created laws that can ruin our life mode.”

i) “We should not blame Feminism, we should blame the guys that wrecked it for the other guys.” And this is why men complain about women, Feminism and avoid getting into relationships with you, women, Feminists and especially Feminist women. Take a little responsibility for yourself, would you? Please? Eschew the gynocentric point of view. In simple words: quit being self-centred and one-sided. Grow up.

5. “I can only tell you the opinion of women out there.” No, you can’t. You can tell us your opinion, and it is arrogant for you to believe that you speak for all women, or even all Feminist women.

6. I did like the video. I disagreed with you completely, but you weren’t a bitch. :)

[LATER] I notice that your video description has expanded to at least half the length of my comment. I understand that you freak out at push-back. Welcome to the real world. Be decent, honest and kind with me, and I offer the same. I believe that I have. I welcome your thoughtful response.

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UK government creates new fund for male rape victims

Can we say men’s rights success? It is starting small, but it is starting. Excellent. Thanks to Tarn for bringing this to my attention, and to Toy Soldiers for bringing it to Tarn’s.

Toy Soldiers

The United Kingdom has a sordid history of failing to acknowledge and address sexual violence against men and boys. Many cases of sexual violence against males are not prosecuted under the rape statutes, including offenses against boys. Women cannot face rape charges under UK law. The National Rape Crisis Network excludes organizations at assist male victims. All those things works against efforts to help abused men and boys.

However, the UK government recently decided to grant money to the Male Rape Support Fund:

Male victims of rape are to be supported with a new £600,000 government fund.

Twelve charities to be given money from the new Male Rape Support Fund were announced earlier by Victims Minister Mike Penning.

He said nationally about 75,000 men were victims of sexual assault in 2012-13, but few went to the police for help because the crime was “taboo”.

The fund will support the…

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