Yet another reason to go MGTOW

Interview With Woman Who Sell Positive Pregnancy Tests Online

And this is yet another reason I choose to go MGTOW. People lie. There are few things as damaging and harmful to a man as being lied to about the provenance of one’s child.

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9 thoughts on “Yet another reason to go MGTOW

  1. Tarnished says:

    Reblogged this on Tarnished Sophia and commented:
    A disheartening, but incredibly valid, post from Francis.
    Paternity fraud is a type of resource slavery, and a horrible lie to ensnare a man’s time, money, and even love.

  2. Speechless. Lies about rape, lies about pregnancy. Makes you wonder why society has almost always been patriarchal. Seems like a necessity really, viewed from this perspective.

  3. Emma the Emo says:

    Unfortunately, some guys will be fooled by this, because they are not aware of such a trick. But information spreads, and men do start taking precautions :) A few months ago a woman here accused a man of rape, but is now in trouble, because he recorded the audio, proving she wasn’t truthful.

  4. Spawny Get says:

    I had this pulled on me in around 1992. Not the pregnancy test by proxy, but the “I’m late”. It’s a dry run by a woman to see if she gets the right response from the guy. If she does, she makes sure it does happen ASAP. We did the test, negative, I dumped her. This is well before I found the red-pill (before I was married), but even then I recognised a scheming bitch when she let the sane and moral facade slip.

    These days I’d buy a test myself and watch her take it.

    Women have no respect for men’s wishes and rights at the best of times, but with pregnancy…they don;t even pretend about it.

  5. Cill says:

    I became a MGHOW for huge, horrific reasons. This just confirms – along with dozens of other confirmations by the day – that my decision was honorable. And it leaves me with no conscience or qualms when I say scores of other young men are now MGTOW directly because of me. They have seen my example and have followed it. I’m proud to have taken them out of the MMP (and SMP as well). Because of me, these young men will have as little to do with women as is politely possible, throughout their lives. I repeat: I’m proud of it.

    • Francis Roy says:

      I’m proud to have taken them out of the MMP (and SMP as well)

      What do the acronyms stand for? Marriage Market Place and Sexual Market Place?

      scores of other young men are now MGTOW directly because of me

      What was it that you did to create this effect and how do you measure it?

      • Cill says:

        Yes. Marriage Market Place and Sexual Market Place.

        “What was it that you did to create this effect?”
        I live in a remote place by the sea. Troubled young men visit me by boat once a week. Because of those visits, most of them are now MGTOW like me and no longer “troubled”.

        Numerous other friends and acquiantances have followed my example as well.

        “how do you measure it”
        By remembering their names or faces. I counted up to 40 then stopped.

      • Francis Roy says:

        I counted up to 40 then stopped.

        Nice! I can only count to 10 that I know of for sure.

  6. OneFatOzGuy says:

    Scary to think it’s illegal in France to conduct a non-court sanctioned paternity test because it’s not “in the interests of familial harmony”.
    I’d agree to that as long as, if the real father ever stepped forward he is faced with either back paying $50k for every year of life of the child or going to jail. The cheating wife too!

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