Another reason to go MGTOW – sperm theft

Women stealing sperm? C’mon, what woman would do this? Impossible! Unimaginable. This kind of thinking belongs to the paranoid and delusional.

Liz Jones on This Morning – Sperm Stealing

At 3:41 while discussing the theft of a man’s sperm to defraud him into parenthood, the host expresses her concern: “This is not very Gurl Power. It’s giving us a very bad name, and I worry about that.”

This is what toxic femininity looks like.

On the plus side, we have two women who actually bother viewing men as human.

The women say that the man has the right to not have a child.

Unfortunately, this is false. We do not have that right under law, should we lose control of his sperm. I do want to congratulate them for their sentiment that men should have that right though. This video is a rare moment of honesty on the matter in the media. Good on them for that, at least.

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