Counter to Davis M.J. Aurini video ‘The Core Premise of Leftism’

The number of sweeping generalizations made must have left you with an impeccably neat floor. Most of the types of accusations that you’ve made of “leftists” I can make for “rightists” as well. From my perspective, you might as well have been speaking of fundamentalist theists.

I invite you to re-watch the following video:

Based on my life experience, I have found the following to be true: every human lies somewhere on the bell-curve of survival-fear. Those more to one side tend to be conservative and seek familiarity, those on the other tend to be exploratory and novelty seeking.

The right and left are natural complements to each other. Without conservative ancestors, our species most likely would not have lived long enough to ensure the survival of the exploratory. Without the novelty seekers, the conservatives would have stagnated and we’d still be living in mud huts.

You equate Feminism with “leftism,” I think you might agree if I were to suggest that you mean that the two go hand-in-hand. I agree. Calling them insane is only a marker of your lack of empathy, of failing to view the world from their mindset’s lens. From their point of view, it is about alleviating their own inner psychological pain, but that wold be too personal, too vulnerable, so, it is claimed that the aim is “to be good,” regardless of the means of alleviating their fears. Going back to the notion of the bell-curve, we have a range from the genuine well-wishers to the psychopathic.

I will wholeheartedly concede that, as a generality, conservatives tend to be more concrete, whereas those on the left tend to be more abstract. Were our species to be placed at risk by some apocalyptic condition Feminism would disappear overnight, and as soon as the conditions were favourable, special interest groups, of which Feminism is merely one, would once again re-surge.

You made some interesting points, but I think that you’ve gone way overboard by trying to mind-read and explain what the core-premise of leftism is about when you’ve done so from an opposing perspective.

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One thought on “Counter to Davis M.J. Aurini video ‘The Core Premise of Leftism’

  1. Left and right often overlap each other, it’s funny how they do that because they appear to be the exact opposite. Yet if you stand back without being too close to one side you start to see it.

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