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Real world effects of gynocentrism gone rampant

Again, false accusation of rape, the ruining of lives. The reason? Gynocentrism gone unchecked. Would this have happened to a woman were the roles reversed? I doubt it.

I congratulate Laura Wilson for coming forward to help Scott Espinoza. He spent 589 days in jail, and avoided a 35 year sentence but is forever branded a rapist because of a false rape allegation.

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Is Homosexuality Nature’s Population Control?

I’ve often wondered the same thing. Dawkin’s answer is very plausible to me (as if my point of view on the matter had any foundation.)

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This is the real basis of Feminism

Woman High On Drugs Finds Out She is Fat.

Admittedly, there’s something that’s quite funny about the video. But at the same time, what this drug induced person, whose inhibitions and self-awareness are obviously shut right down, is showing us the uncensored contents of her psyche.

There is not a single woman that I know that doesn’t feel this way, or fear it, despite their great pains to hide it.

And this, my friends, is the true root of Feminism: the inner turmoil that comes from our primal urge to belong. There was once a time when what people struggled for were women’s freedoms as granted by rights. Those goals having been accomplished, today’s identity politics Radical Feminism is based on assuaging that which gives the urge to howl.

Men are rapists! Why? Because men find some women so sexy that they can’t help themselves, is the unspoken narrative. This is the inverse of the video, it is being so sexually attractive that belonging is beyond inevitable, to the point that others are crazed beyond self-restraint.

Women are oppressed by The Patriachy. Why? Because we care for victims. The greater the victim a woman is, the more she will be cared for, even if they have to alienate everyone to get it.

Feminism is nothing more than the wounded. I would suggest that we teach them that men in general have our equivalents and to the degree that they stop behaving abusively, and increase basic human courtesy and respect, they’re chances of getting what they want will improve.

Dear Feminist women. You’ve got every single right in law that men have, and some that we don’t. That’s covered. We instinctively love you, despite our better judgment at times. That’s covered. Your final step is to abandon your means-goal driven ideology and to focus on what you really want: the best life that you can have, including genuine, deep and rich relationships based on respect.

Failure to do so will only continue to drive more and more men away.


Women’s power in the past

I’ve just discovered Lindy Beige, a channel that focuses on a lot the mundane moments of ancient life. These two episodes discuss women’s power in the past. I agree with much of it and find many bits very interesting.

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An excellent case study on Feminist use of language to frame thoughts

Feminists are excellent at is controlling the mental framing of an argument. Notice that in every instance that Mike made a point, that she immediately changed the scope of the conversation. She does not announce “I am now changing the scope!” She does it entirely by presupposition, in a fluid manner. This is the tool that all skillful Feminists use, I would guess, 80% of the time. The benefits is that it seems conversationally “natural” and that to to stop the technique, one must get bogged down by refuting the presupposition, point by point, where as a response she need only apply the very same technique to the rebuttal. The only way to counter this that I’m aware of is to be able to simultaneously shift the frame again in such a way that her presuppositions are refuted, presuppositionally, and to grab the frame back and hold it.

This highlights, what I think is a difference in classical communication style between men and women. People who have “a masculine mindset” tend to all make the same error when dealing with such people: we reach for the explicit. But, like sex that does not need words, acceptance of ideas is often based on the non-verbal, and being explicit is actually counter-productive.

This particular debate about sexual consent on the BBC’s ‘The Big Questions’ provides a text-book example of both the arguments, techniques used. There are also two members, a man with short and white hair, and the woman sitting next to Mike Buchanan who simply nail it.

This video is worth keeping kept as a case-study.

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