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Marketing 101 for Social Justice Warriors

Marketing 101 for Social Justice Warriors

The average heterosexual man
finds a woman who looks like this attractive.

This is perfectly acceptable.

If you have an interest in attracting a heterosexual man,
looking like this can help you in your efforts.

You are not obligated to look like this,
or to do what works.

If you want to, our product can help you
to achieve your goal.

If you are not interested, ignore this ad;
it is intended to offer a product to help you
achieve your goals, nothing more.

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The real reason to buy Protein World’s products

Are you Beach Body ready?

The real reason to buy Protein World’s products. Either I’m over-caffeinated today, or my oppressor hormones are spiking.

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A term to kill: Literally

He is literally this, she literally said that, this thing is literally X!

Please abandon the lazy abuse of the word “literally.” I hereby grant thee, Dear Reader, permission to bitchslap the next three people who misuse the term “literally” if you point them to this post. Make it a good one.

Consider the following (authentic) quote:

“I notice that the correlation between anti-feminist women and literally pro-Fascist women (see her T-shirt) remains strong.”

… as opposed to a figuratively pro-Fascist woman?

If one asserts something, we expect a literal meaning, not a figurative one, unless a metaphor or allegory is self-evident.

People seem to use the word literally as though it is supposed to be a shockingly effective emphasis for a point. One can see the wide-eyed, slack-jawed ignoramuses’ nodding, fuelled by the childishly shocked awe of something that they don’t fully understand: reality. “This mouse is dead! It is literally dead! Like, for true! Like, for really, really real! It’s literally, literally dead!

If speaking of what is, directly and unequivocally, is emphasis due to the fact that it is not figurative, what does that make the rest of your speech? How watered down must ones mind be?

See my next article entitled “Word slut: how the promiscuous abuse of words exposes you.”

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My God! That Obstinate Woman!

MGTOW actually stands for “My God! That Obstinate Woman!”

MGTOW: My God! That Obstinate Woman!

A little Sunday humour.

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If Big is Beautiful, unemployed is hot!

If Big is Beautiful, unemployed is hot!

If Big is Beautiful, unemployed is hot!


If big is beautiful, poverty is sexy

If big is beautiful, poverty is sexy

If big is beautiful, poverty is sexy.


Big is Beautiful. Right, Ladies?

Big is Beautiful. Right, Ladies?

Big is Beautiful! Right, Ladies?


There is no freedom in a “safe space”

There is no freedom in a safe space

There is no freedom in a “safe space.”

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#CalgaryExpo – Politics above professionalism

Calgary Expo: Politics above professionalism

Calgary Expo has shut down The Honey Badger Brigade’s booth and has banned Allison Tiemen for life, for no reason other than SJW politics. The operators of the Calgary Expo have shown a greater interest in sexual politics than promoting and celebrating of comic books, fantasy and fiction that customers paid for. They have also banned Allison Tieman, a comic book creator for life. Guess which company will also no longer receive my patronage, for life?


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It’s a Ma’am’s world

Two excellent analogies for how men and women currently interact relative to the Feminist hypothesis of Patriarchy, the alleged one-sided “oppression” of women. Men call it being treated like a disposable utility, in the case of these analogies, a hireling, someone who gets the job done then is told to take a hike.

Feminism purports “oppression” without acknowledging the benefits (“the privileges”) that come with the contract, and so uses this as a moral justification to demonize men. Many men see this set up as being taken advantage of.

Either both engage in the contract, or not. When men choose not to, because they see the contract as being inequitable, it’s called “MGTOW.” When men try to bring awareness of this, and change the laws that have taken this cultural norm of a contract into law, it’s called Men’s Rights Activism. When people simply discuss this issue free of the Feminist framework, it’s called Men’s Issues Advocacy.

Dear Feminists: want to smash the patriarchy? Be completely self-reliant, and make any exchange a mutually agreeable contract: do your own work, fend for yourself. We men certainly do. Feminists have spent years demonizing men, pointing to only to men’s advantages, and ignoring their obligations and disadvantages, while focusing exclusively on women’s inconveniences and ignoring the advantages that the contract brings them.

I especially appreciate the author’s conclusion: men have to stop offering, and women have to stop expecting. Women only expect the incessant freebies because men so undervalue what they have to offer, and so overvalue what women have to offer that they pay to give it away. “Oh! You want to go to Montana? Let me take you there, and while we’re at it, I’ll pay you for the trip! Can I throw in some extra free lunches for you? Would that incite you to ride my bus?”

We men are half the problem.

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