Feminism is politics, not morality

One of the problems with gender ideologues and zealots is that they fail to recognize the distinction that Feminism is politics, not morality.Feminism is politics, not morality

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6 thoughts on “Feminism is politics, not morality

  1. Matthew Chiglinsky says:

    Maybe, but real girls do actually get hurt by rape. So, let’s not forget about old-fashioned chivalry and acting like a gentlemen, which existed before feminism. There’s a difference between romance and date rape.

    Don’t commit rape just to prove that feminists are wrong, because then you’re just as bad as they are, playing politics to prove how strong your own gender can be.

    • Francis Roy says:

      You are importing all kind of stuff that has zero relationship to the issue. You’ve missed the point. Feminism is a political ideology. It presents itself as a series of moral arguments using “don’t harm women” as it’s basis. That’s like a mafioso claiming that it would be terrible if something happened to your store, so best pay for “protection.”

      That you discuss rape, and chivalry shows that you don’t know enough on the subject of feminism to speak of it. Do a search for “basic principles of Feminism” and think about what you read.


      Remember that what you are reading is not “the truth” but a description of Feminist Theory.

      “Don’t commit rape just to prove that feminists are wrong”

      Oh, this is just fucking absurd!

      I’m not trying to be rude, because I don’t think that you are either. I believe that you have not yet learned critical thinking skills. This doesn’t mean that you’re stupid, it means that thinking is a skill, like dancing, which you have not yet learned.

      Spend some time on this YouTube channel: QualiaSoup https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCc_xdkOBgSYLmXTn-VSQ4uA

      If you aren’t a atheist, see past the arguments against theist and look for their substance.

      Start here.

  2. Matthew Chiglinsky says:

    I’ve got a better one:

    “Feminism is about male ignorance.”

    Feminists may be arrogant, overly optimistic, and sometimes misguided, but if you can’t understand their root motivations then you don’t understand women. I once said on my blog that I agree with feminism on the problem. I just reject their proposed solutions, and I still think this is true. It’s like they want to hit a screw with a hammer, and I would like to give them a screwdriver (no pun intended).

    • Francis Roy says:

      It’s not better at all. You imply that all that comes from a woman’s mouth is golden truth. Women lie, cheat, steal, connive and engage in self-deception and shitty thinking as much as men do.

      Not only have they improperly framed the question, but their solutions are shit, too.

      You keep repeating the same error throughout your comments: you presume that Feminism is the same as women’s issues.

      Feminism is not about women’s issues, it’s only framed that way. Feminism is in fact a power grab. If you want to discuss women’s issues, then discuss women’s issues, which may (or may not) be legitimate. Feminism and women’s issues are not the same thing.

      I once again encourage you to review the fundamentals of Feminist Theory.

  3. Matthew Chiglinsky says:

    You know, that’s about the stupidest statement I’ve ever seen. Morality IS politics. It’s about who and when has the “right” to do what. Steal? Kill? Rape? Take? Whose body is it? Whose property is it? Ethics/morality is all politics.

  4. Matthew Chiglinsky says:

    But what if feminism was about BOTH morality AND politics:


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