My God! That Obstinate Woman!

MGTOW actually stands for “My God! That Obstinate Woman!”

MGTOW: My God! That Obstinate Woman!

A little Sunday humour.

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3 thoughts on “My God! That Obstinate Woman!

  1. Matthew Chiglinsky says:

    If you really believed in equality for all, you would criticize both men and women.

    But you seem to have this sexist attitude that women are always wrong and men are always right, which makes you a hypocrite who is just as bad as the feminists.

    (You might have noticed that I cannot be a feminist, because I do actually criticize both genders on my blog. The number of times I use those famous words “slut” and “whore” is uncanny, which is only rivaled by the number of times I criticize rape.)

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