On the “I am not a White Supremacist” plea

Someone had left a comment on (where else?) YouTube. This is a fragment of his comment”

“To be very clear, I am not a White supremacist.”

My response:

You don’t need to say those words, you know, and it is to your (political/rhetorical) detriment to actually say so; doing so is a sign of weakness. Allow idiots the chance to expose their ignorance by calling you names, then simply slap their arguments down.

“as a White man who happens to be very proud and protective of his race”

As a white man, my race is no more important to me than a dog’s is to it. This does not mean that I tolerate discrimination or disrespect toward me because of my race.

It is perfectly acceptable to mock those with stupid ideas, and one need not (and should not) add the slightest qualifier. I don’t care if you’re proud of being white. Racism towards white people, or black, or yellow or brown or red or whatever is racism: the belief that one race is superior to another. If you do not believe that one race is superior to another, you are not a racist, regardless of accusations levelled at you.

Either an idea is sound, or it is not. Those who espouse unsound ideas are fair game to have their ideas — or their character — mocked, regardless of how they’re born.

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