Admitted false rape accusation, 9 years in jail, accuser not charged

Cassandra Kennedy Admits Lying About Father Raping Her, Man Released From Prison After Nine Years

Same old same old. Merely adding another example to the heap that is currently on this blog. One day, I’ll tag them, and when people ask for evidence of false-rape accusations, I’ll have a ready-made link. And this does not count the many, many other examples that I have not linked to.

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One thought on “Admitted false rape accusation, 9 years in jail, accuser not charged

  1. Tarnished says:

    Not only does this harm men by making more of them out to be sex-and-power crazed rapists than actually exist, but it harms the credibility of children (girls and boys alike) who have been raped/molested by their parents.

    I didn’t ever let them through, but on my posts talking about the abuse my stepfather perpetuated against me for 7 years, I’d get commenters saying that I was lying…looking for pity and attention…or, worst of all…that I had *wanted* what he did or somehow initially “led him on” as a frickin 10 year old.

    Could these guys have been sadistic trolls? Yeah, I’m sure some of them were. But when I read/hear about situations like the one above, it’s also depressingly possible that they truly believe the overwhelming majority of reports are false. Narcissistic freaks like this one create so much pain and destruction it almost defies explanation.

    We need to change the law do that when a false accusation cones to light, the real criminal serves the exact sentence as the innocent was given.

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