A Term to Kill: Diverse

“X group is a diverse group.” One item is not diverse. Often a speaker will use an expression such as “Feminism is diverse” when the intention is usually to convey “A wide variety of types of people advocate for Feminist ideas.” Lately, the term diversity is used to express “A group of people who is composed of mostly non-white and non-male people.” Much as the term “People of Colour” means, quite literally, people whose race is not Caucasian, the term diversity has come to signify “a variety of non-Caucasian (and/or non-male) people.”

A more correct way of expressing the idea would be to say that “the board consists of people of diverse races (and/or sexes).” One should note that there is a pecking order, and the definition is usually quite fluid, and it’s exponents are adept at hedging and shifting goal posts.

A group of all white men is not diverse.

A group of all white women may be considered as diverse.

A group of men of many races lacks diversity, because it does not include women.

A group of all women of many races is diverse.

Bonus points if other characteristics such as sexual preferences or disabilities of any kind are criteria used as “diversity qualifiers.”

Why is diversity important? So that the group can be representative of the oppressed, or of those in need of representation. This is important so that voices may be heard.

Feminist jargon is, in large part, speaking using the passive voice combined with nominalizations.

Active: Mary threw the ball.
Passive: The ball was thrown by Mary.

Note that the first example portrays agent unambiguously acting upon an object, whereas the second example obfuscates the direct action.

A nominalization is the grammatical error of using a verb, or an adjective as a noun. Nominalizations are also known Zombie Nouns.


  • I need a change. (change = noun)
  • I will change. (change = verb)


  • The murder of the man was tragic. (murder = noun)
  • He will murder the man. (murder = verb)

When listening to Feminist jargon, take the time to re-read each sentence as though it written in the active voice and convert nominalizations into active verbs. Prepare to be surprised as to how little sense the language makes.



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2 thoughts on “A Term to Kill: Diverse

  1. caprizchka says:

    Mob mentality isn’t diverse at all. Tolerance for differences of thought, however, is. Now you’ve got me watching my language! LOL.

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