Deeper than Dogma Episode 20 “Gender Roles”

I participated in this chat of lovely people, and of course, my friend Ozy. It was a light and breezy 101 conversation.

Trigger warning: Francis’ face.

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2 thoughts on “Deeper than Dogma Episode 20 “Gender Roles”

  1. That was an interesting talk. Hope to see you in more of these.

  2. Francis Roy says:

    It was nice. I’ve learned that I find that there’s a limit to how many people one can have on a panel, especially in a limited time-frame. I think that if there had been a max of four people, that there would have been a better flow. I found that it was a little bit like being caught in rush hour. Maybe that’s just the introvert in me, speaking. That being said, the alternative is kind of true: many more people offer many more voices. The guy I really like to listen to is Ozy. The guy wields a mental and verbal scalpel.

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