Cleaning up after Sandman: MGTOW without the BS

As a MGTOW, I disagree with +Sandman, and I believe that this video mocking Sandman’s is well-deserved.

Sandman, whose job it is to produce one video per day, regardless of the quality has long-ago fallen over the cliff of wild-eyed conspiracy theory. I have deep disagreements with him for a number reasons. 1. He’s an all-or-nothing thinker, 2. He is an Us vs. Them thinker, 3. He’s a crappy thinker.

Allow me to set the record straight.

MGTOW is a label applied to the observation that fewer and fewer men are choosing to engage in marriage or long-term sexual relationships with women, to avoid the potential negative repercussions of a legal and cultural system that often creates deleterious consequences to us.

Culturally, men are treated as providers, protectors and predators. This may lead to legal issues where, too often, the tendency is to accept women’s accusations on the mere basis of instinct, socialization and now, policy.

On the legal front are the effects of police policies, divorce court and family court, which can have the potential consequences of man to losing his current and future wealth, his home and his family, all with the commensurate effects to his health and well-being.

MGTOW is the observation that an increasing number of men are choosing the risk management strategy of steering clear of a potential minefield, and not attempting navigating it with his fingers crossed.

On a more personal level, many men have learned that we can be quite happy when not adhering to the common social convention of serial monogamy, and often better when we assign the meaning and value of our life based on our choices, rather than those so commonly accepted by society.

That having been said, there are people who unthinkingly argue about “What MGTOW is” and wantonly attach all kind of pseudo-philosophies, observations, facts, falsehoods and batshit-insanies as those presented by Sandman, then incorrectly attach this body of notions to the observation as if these were the same.

Those who are observant and sound thinkers will recognize that MGTOW, one aspect of the general men’s movement, involves the revision of socially expected sex roles and the acceptance or rejection thereof, à la carte as meets each man’s individual needs and from his perspective.


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