Why anti-Feminist and not purely Pro-men’s rights?

A common objection to anti-Feminism:

“Sounds like you need to be pro men’s rights, not anti-feminism (women’s rights) and educate people through proactive activism as opposed to reactionary counter-labels.”

One can be both, especially considering that behaviour informed by Feminist hypotheses are the cause of many men’s issues. To the degree that one gives credibility to the label “Feminism” one endorses, implicitly or explicitly the ideas and behaviours derived from it. Many men’s advocates choose to speak out against these behaviours and consequences, see that the common root are the Feminist hypotheses and strive to counter these bad ideas. Your claim is akin to saying that men should “take care of their health” and not “stopping attacks upon them.” In this case, the latter is a means to the former.


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