Monthly Archives: January 2016

Dear “Progressives,” it’s time to take personal responsibility for the state of the world.

The world is not messed up because of “systems” or of “institutions.” Our world is messed up because we have failed to develop positive behaviours and character habits.

The following few examples will show you how the system is you, and how you can change you, rather than berating others to change for you.

If we all practiced frugality and economy, there would be fewer McDonald’s restaurants. Why pay $16.00 for a meal, when that will get you 2 kg ground beef plus 5 kg of potatoes?

Less McDonald’s, less factory farming, less social unease about animal treatment.

Let us say that the meal is for two. Take the other $16.00, and buy 10kg of flour. You’ve got two or three dollars left over. Do you know that a box of Kraft dinner is about 1/4 cup of flour? $2.50 A 10 kg bag of flour costs the price of 6 Kraft dinner boxes.

ConAgra and such would sell less junk food and our diets would likely consist of better food. Less sickness, and a lowered chance of experiencing “fat shaming” thanks to an improved diet.

Do you know that one live 4 week old chicken costs $7 to buy? Add $15.00 of feed for 9 months: $29.00. One dozen eggs cost about $5.00

$30/$5 = 6 dozen eggs. One chickens will have paid for itself in 72 days or two in 36 days. Call it 5 weeks. That means that every 6 days, your two chickens are generating $5 of value. That’s a free latte a week! Now, take that saved $5, and instead of purchasing a latte give the money away to a homeless person. You have just protested the wrong colour disposable coffee cup that will not go to a landfill and are working to cure world hunger.

Would we worry about factory farming if everyone had a couple of chickens? How would our neighbourhoods look? What if we all took to gardening? What if we grew just a touch too much and stored it? We can do all of this, and hold a full-time job.

People complain of the 1%-ers. They have only  reached such heights because people spend on ease, convenience, and from of ignorance (lack of knowledge).

Part of the bad stuff that people protest against is the effect of our lack of frugality on the individual level across millions of people.

Please raise your index finger and look at it. Now, shake it, as though someone’s face were on the other side. That is the cue to look to your own behaviour, and ask yourself how you can take responsibility and how you can change you, a part of “the system.”

Rather than nagging people, pass these ideas around, and use them inspire people to make judgement free changes to the world.