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Anti-Islam is not racist.

2016-02-18 Islam is organized crime with a prophet motive

Racism is the belief that one race is superior
or inferior to another.

Racial prejudice is pre-judging people
based on assumptions of race.

Racial discrimination is excluding or
hindering people based on racially prejudiced

“Anti-Islam” is not “racist.”
We don’t care about the criminal’s age, sex, race,
nationality, orientation or culture. We care about the
effects of their actions and the ideas that drive them.

Why Islamic crime, specifically?
It is a growing trend in a specific class of crimes that is
increasing in quantity, severity and is disproportionately
committed by a group of people who indicate or specify
that these barbaric actions are influenced by and/or
performed in obeisance to the ideology of Islam.

It is not necessary to claim that such behaviour is unique
to adherents of Islam to be concerned about the
growing trend.

“Anti-Islam” is not judging people based any criteria. It is
the position that criticizes and argues against Islamic
ideology and the barbarism that it inspires its adherents to enact.

“Race” or “culture” as a defense for those who would
commit brutal actions is as invalid a justification as it
would be for any who would attacks innocents.

A person with a truly racially unprejudiced mindset will focus
on people’s actions and ideas, not their race.

“Identity” is insufficient grounds
for accusation or for defense.

Let’s get to the root of the matter: