A Men’s Rights Activist FAQ

Why this Men’s Rights Activism FAQ?

Though a recent discussion, I’ve come to the understanding that the positions of Men’s Rights Activists are not understood, and this FAQ, a series of granular, bite-sized questions and answers. It is my attempt at not only providing the information, but also of making it easily accessible.

It is likely that this document, as a whole, will take years to complete to make it comprehensive. It has been started on 2013-11-05 and is subject to constant and massive revision.

This is a work in progress! Please link to the article, do not copy it, as each and every single article is being frequently revised and touched up.

I welcome sincere questions and honest objections asked or stated in a respectful manner. I will expand and edit as my own knowledge on the subject deepens, and as pertinent comments or questions show up.

Remember: We’re all human beings doing our best to make the best of this world and our lives. Some questions or comments may be answered quickly, some may take time. This is purely a matter of my schedule and energy (and honestly, often interest) levels. Some comments or questions might require some thought and research on my part.

I welcome and am motivated by your respectful participation.

I acknowledge that this topic can evoke as much–if not more–heat than light. What we’re aiming for here, is light. I’m more than happy to accept challenging questions and comments, but disrespectful behaviour will be ignored and summarily deleted. All comments are moderated, not to censor voices, not to create “a safe space”, but simply to maintain an atmosphere of respect between humans. Face it: nobody likes dealing with an asshole. Expect that I might rewrite a comment or question for clarity, or to help it fit in with the flow of the questions and answers.

My aim it to provide as accurate a document as possible so that people of good-will can interact as such.


Who we are.

  1. What is a Men’s Rights Activist?

What we do.

  1. What are Men’s Rights Activists working toward?
  2. A list of men’s issues and causes

Perceptions of Men’s Rights Activists.

  1. Why are Men’s Rights Activists so angry?
  2. Are Men’s Rights Activists Misogynists?

Relationship between Men’s Rights Activists and Feminists

  1. Why do Men’s Rights Activists rail against “feminists”?
  2. Men’s Rights Activists relationship to feminists

7 thoughts on “A Men’s Rights Activist FAQ

  1. Anthony Carillo says:

    Men’s rights movement ? LOL .Is this a joke ?

    • Francis Roy says:

      You said: “Men’s rights movement ? LOL .Is this a joke ?”

      I have the distinct feeling that this is Akriti using a sock-puppet account. Your poor use of punctuation gives you away. I recommend replying under your own name. If you can’t put your own name and face behind your words, they are worthless.

  2. Anthony Carillo says:

    Anthony Carillo (Akriti sock puppet) copied and pasted a Feminist FAQ by ALoudShout.

    Feminism FAQ –

    Your content was not your original works, nor did you give credit to the original author, nor was it a comment relevant to the subject at hand. From now on, please voice your own ideas in your own words. -FR

  3. Anthony Carillo says:

    Of Course it was a rebuttal to MRM FAQ’S.
    Here’s the link – http://aloudshout.wordpress.com/2014/02/07/feminism-faq/

    You seem more concerned about the link than the content since you failed to provide any argument here. As for Akriti’s sock puppet, mind your language. We follow her blogs because we are proudly feminist. So good identifying there. Seems you have issues with anyone from that club who posts feedback here. Therefore will tell all the followers of that blog not to post anything here ever .. since many of us were planning to provide you with valid links but We are not welcome here. Moot point it seems. So No replies after this,


    • Francis Roy says:

      As for Akriti’s sock puppet, mind your language.

      Screenshot of Akriti's sock puppet account

      This is what discussion looks like: You make an original point, that you have thought about, then I respond, or vice-versa. Dumping other people’s writings on my blog, without even the courtesy to credit them for the work (until after you’ve been caught in the act of plagiarism), and without commentary of your own is not discussion. I feel fairly confident that you have not bothered to read or validate any of the content that you have attempted to simply dump here. Discussion occurs when you think about what you’re saying, when you have taken the time to check the facts, analyze the arguments then put it forward in a framework that is intended to find some form of resolution.

      You have now dumped 7 or 8 pages of someone else’s thoughts on me. Some of theme are worth addressing, some aren’t. Those that you have personally written, I have responded to in detail–and at no time have you responded, or answered the questions I’ve asked you. If you want to continue this conversation, return to my original post to you, and personally, without copy and pasting other people’s responses, handle each issue one by one. You certainly may point to evidence that supports your position. What you may not do, however, is to steal other people’s work and dump it as a response.

      If you really believe in your ideology, then you should demonstrate that:
      1. You are knowledgeable about it, at least it’s essential tenets.
      2. You should demonstrate that you know the matter well enough to not have to rely on other people to do the work for you.
      3. You should be able to “navigate” the ideas, that is to demonstrate that you understand what you’re speaking of.
      4. You should be able to relate it to the real world, that is, that is to relate your ideas to the physical reality of humans living on the planet.

      Now, at this point, I’m convinced that you are not malicious. I recognize that you are both emotionally and intellectually immature–and this is not “a bash” as you would call it, but an assessment of my interlocutor’s skill level. You rely on the work of people who are more intellectually developed than you are. Now, that is fine up to a point. It is acceptable to say, for example “Person X says this: X, Y, Z. I agree with it. Here is why.” What is not acceptable is to simply dump other people’s work, fail to credit them and to not include YOUR thoughts on the matter.

      I’m speaking with YOU. Not a variety of random strangers that have no idea that you are stealing their words. Here’s an alternative for you: If you don’t feel that you are up to the task, you can certainly approach them and ask them to discuss with me, but don’t rip them off. Don’t attempt to play “gotcha” with ideas that you yourself do not understand.

      Now, some of the articles, mostly the fact-based ones did interest me, and chances are good that I’ll reply TO THEM. On THEIR blog. Face to face, because the issue is important enough to speak to people who hold different opinions.

      Understand: this is not about “winning” or “losing” an argument, but about humans speaking to each other so that we can make a better world. We may or may not agree as to the ends, or the means, but discussion–real, genuine discussion–is our only chance of making things better for people living now and future generations.

      If you care about the issue, stay on topic. Return to the original post. Take the items, one by one, and ask: “Is this true?”, “Does this conform to facts?”, “Is the logic sound?”. Take your time, go slowly. When something fails to meet the above criteria, point it out. If you are right, I’ll acknowledge it. If the point IS valid, acknowledge it and put it into your database of facts.

      I don’t expect you to be Christopher Hitchens, but I do, at the very least, expect you to be intellectually honest.

    • Francis Roy says:

      An afterthought: Akriti (posting as “Anthony”) replied “Of Course it was a rebuttal to MRM FAQ’S.”

      You did not post a rebuttal. A rebuttal is when makes a count-argument to an argument.

      1. to refute by evidence or argument.
      2. to oppose by contrary proof.
      verb (used without object), rebutted, rebutting.
      3. to provide some evidence or argument that refutes or opposes.

      Imagine that I have posted an FAQ about cats. In the introduction to the FAQ, I say “I think that cats are smarter than dogs.” A rebuttal to that specific argument might have looked like “Dr. X, a world-acclaimed feline neurologist tested the intelligence of the common house cat and found that have an average IQ that is X points lower than the average house dog’s.”

      Instead, what you have done was to post an FAQ on dogs. That isn’t a rebuttal.

      My original response to your post was a rebuttal. Hope this helps.

    • Tarnished says:

      I just went to the link in question, and no…it is not a rebuttal to anything relating to the mrm, as it doesn’t even talk about them men’s rights advocates, mgtows, or the like.

      However, it did have this definition of feminism;

      “Feminism is a collection of movements and ideologies aimed at defining, establishing, and defending equal political, economic, and social rights for women. This includes seeking to establish equal opportunities for women in education and employment. A feminist advocates or supports the rights and equality of women.”

      This is the issue I take with some feminists, and why I don’t feel I can support feminism. It’s really only for women, as shown by definitions used by feminists themselves and explicitly told to me by feminists in Woman’s Studies class (yes, I did take it as an elective). While it’s not necessarily a bad thing to keep having a woman’s movement, feminists should stop saying that the men’s movement is foolish or unneeded. It obviously is…you don’t put out the fire on your neighbor’s house by directing the hose onto your own. More feminism (aka more work on women’s rights) will not help men, since it doesn’t cover their rights at all.

      This is why I’m an egalitarian.
      Both sexes (whether born that way or not) need social change, not just women and girls.

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