List of Men’s Issues

“What issues could men possibly have, don’t they have all the power?”

Men are human beings living in a complex world. To believe that either side has a perfect life is naive. We live in the same cultural, political, economic and legal conditions as women do. The very question addresses male invisibility–women only perceive men’s power and agency, an act of objectification. Men tend to not perceive their own issues, and take it for granted that “the world is the way it is”. We are taught not to complain, to “man up”, to “keep a stiff upper lip”, that the value of a man is limited to his actions or sacrifices on the behalf of others; the more punishment a man can take, the tougher he is–this is considered a virtue. The more punishment he can dish out or the more control he can exert, the higher status he is perceived to have–unless it’s directed at non-men.

An incomplete list of men’s issues
started 2013-11-06;
last update: 2013-11-10

Note, this list is a work in progress, each issue will soon be fleshed out, and other issues added when time permits. Further, for the moment I’m limiting all of my claims to North America simply because it’s the culture I’m familiar with, whose languages I speak and whose laws I can understand because of the previous two points. For those who would rightly asked me to support each claim, I will be doing so with links to each relevant piece of supporting evidence.

This is a work in progress! I welcome your input!


  • Anti-Male Double Standards
  • Chivalry (aka “Benevolent Sexism for women, against men”)
  • Expected to work more dangerous and/or stressful jobs
  • Failure to launch
  • Gender stereotyping”
  •  – “Male fear of commitment”
  •  – “Men bad, women good”
  • Gynocentrism
  • Lace curtain: the influence of radical feminists holding men as the source of all problems and avoiding responsibility accountability.
    • Women as victim myths: i.e: pay gap, implicit blame of men
    • Men as perpetrator myths: Men have oppressed women for ages, explicit blame of men
    • Focus on men’s advantages, ignoring male disadvantage, inversely, ignoring women’s advantages, and hyper-focusing on disadvantages to create a narrative.
  • Overly lowered standards for women, not to equalize body differences, but to advantage (i.e: fitness standards for physical jobs).
  • Misandry (“Male bashing”)
    • Male disposability
    • Male invisibility
    • Demonization of male sexuality
    • Women’s interests considered more legitimate than men’s
    • Fatherhood considered lesser than motherhood, or negligible
  • Women-only public spaces permitted, like gyms and swimming pools, male equivalent not permitted
  • Unpaid security guard role expected of men by many women

Sexist attitudes (subset of cultural)

  • All men are potential rapists/pedophiles
  • Objectification (aka: just a wallet)
  • Affection must be earned (women valued for being, men valued for doing)
  • Sexual shaming (Pig! Creep! Rapist! Can’t get laid!)
  • Unrealistic expectation regarding the necessity of “being strong”
  • Unrealistic expectations of being competitive
  • Unrealistic expectations of success
  • General fear of and contempt for men
  • Dating: most women still expect money and gifts from men
  • Engagement gifts: men only still expected to purchase diamonds, etc.
  • Female revenge rhetoric seen as justifiable by media narratives
  • Genital injuries to men seen as humorous by mainstream media regulators
  • Hypergamy prevalent amongst majority of world’s women
  • Male idiot stereotype in media
  • Men’s rights movement issues and activists presented as anti-women and anti-equality
  • Instant credibility and sympathy for woman that claims victimhood
  • When man assaulted by woman “he must have deserved it”


  • “Affirmative action” programs for females that disadvantage men purely on the basis of sex
  • US: Inequitable control of wealth: control over 60% of US wealth by women
  • Taxes: men pay more than women, but receive less back in state benefits (needs verification)


  • Educational Equity for Male Students
  • Feminisation of education
  • Lower college acceptance rate than females
  • Gap in funding for males
  • Treatment of boys in school.
    • Drugging boys into compliance
    • Teaching focusses on feminine learning styles to the exclusion of masculine learning styles
  • Hostile environment to males in higher education (US: “Dear Colleague” letter).
  • Student Unions: ignore men’s issues, and object to men’s equality groups

Family court

  • Abuse of Alimony Laws
  • disproportionately targets men, even when women main earners
  • Alimony set to greater than 100% of a man’s income – falsified earning potential
  • Same man then referred to as Deadbeat Dads
  • Subject to “debtor’s prison”
  • Abuse of Divorce laws
  • Child Support
  • Ex-parte hearings
  • Ex-parte restraining orders effectively ejects the man from his house and family bonds
  • Father’s Rights
    • US: 95% non-custodial parents are men
    • Canada:
  • Fatherhood considered lesser than motherhood, or negligible
  • Female refusal to follow court orders and grant access to child
  • Parental Alienation
  • Paternity fraud
  • Suicide due to poverty, depression, helplessness and despair caused by family court, too frequently leading to self-immolation or other dramatic means to garner attention.


  • Assault
  • Domestic violence (See section “Violence”)
  • Homelessness
  • Inequitable funding for health issues.
  • Male genital mutilation (“Circumcision”)
  • Medical discrimination
    • Men’s issues significantly underfunded
    • Men’s issues have 2-3 times waiting period before addressed
  • Mental health issues
  • Men’s sense of self (see gender roles under Culture)
  • Male suicide rate
  • Workplace deaths (93%+)
  • Sexual assault


  • Emotional abuse by women


  • Father’s name not legally required to be listed on child’s birth certificate
  • Child custody laws and enforcement
  • Child abduction by mother
  • Domestic Violence
  • (US: Duluth model: depicts the primary abusive behaviours experienced by women living with men who batter.)
  • (US: Primary Aggressor laws: men are overwhelmingly found to be the primary aggressor )
  • False accusation of violence
  • False accusations of rape
  • Primary aggressor laws
  • Military conscription
  • After rape or domestic violence accusations, men publicly identified without evidence, often making them the target of vigilante justice. Females are rarely identified.
  • Prostitution: male customers criminalized, female sellers treated as victims
  • Sentencing bias: being male is number one predictor of a heavier sentence

Gender discrimination and double standards (subsection of legal)

  • Sentencing and and conviction disparities
    • US: 13 times as many men in prison as women
    • US: (2003) 82.8% male convictions, 57.5% female convictions
    • US: (2003) Violent crimes 95% male convictions, 76.4% female convictions
    • US: (2003) Average sentence: 90.76 months for males, 42.5 months female
    • All things being equal, males are twice and one half as likely to be sentenced to prison as are women.
    • Females charged with violent crimes more likely to have all charges dismissed.
    • Females less likely to be incarcerated.
    • Females receive shorter sentences.
    • Order of court leniency: white females, black females, white men, black men
    • Drug offences:  Males 2 times more likely to be incarcerated and 25% to 30% longer sentences.
    • 93% of prison population is male.
    • Death penalty: Offenders convicted of crimes against females 2 times more likely to receive death penalty than for crimes committed against males.
    • Offenders convicted of of murdering white females 14 times more likely than offenders convicted of murdering black males.
    • Statutory rape: Females often receive reduced sentences such as probation or house arrest for statutory rape.
  • False rape accusation
    • 41% (Kanin)
    • 1985 US airforce studyL 60%
    • FBI report that women lie about rape more than any other crime


  • Commonplace negative portrayal in the media
  • Violence against men common place
  • Violence against men considered humorous
  • Men regularly depicted as bumblers, fools, “man-child”, bafoons
  • Double standard: Male commits statutory rape seen as statutory rape, female statutory rape treated as titillating (“Hot for teacher”).


  • Making Government Programs Gender-Neutral or Accompanied by a Male Equivalent (Ministers for Women but none for men)
  • Veteran’s issues
  • Misandrist laws (US: VAWA); the Swedish Model


  • Lack on safe, effective, discreet and reversible contraception
  • Men lack any reproductive rights
  • Paternity fraud (Cuckoldry)
  • Father has no say on whether he is assigned as father on birth certificate or not
  • If mother chooses to abandon child, father is not automatically give the choice of accepting the child.
  • A father does not have the option to opt-in or opt-out of parenthood as a woman does.
    • Father can be forcibly rejected as a parent
      Father can be forced to accept unwanted parenthood
      Compulsory child support, even when discovered that the child is not genetically his (see “Cuckoldry”).
      Father cannot test for paternity without mother’s consent (see “Paternity Fraud”)


  • Violence against men (direct)
  • Violence against men (by proxy)
  • Greater risk of assault
  • Domestic violence against men
  • Canada: 593 Shelters. 546 government funded shelters refuse males. 47 permit *some* (mostly children) males. 0 shelters for male victims of domestic abuse and their children.
  • Homophobic violence: gay men overwhelming victims from people, and states.

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