I believe in using curiosity and critical analysis to guide my life. Philip K. Dick’s is quoted as saying “Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away.” This is the standard by which I try to best adhere my life to.

I am a Men’s Rights Advocate. My way of helping make a better world for you and your children is to discuss men’s issues, honestly and forthrightly. We are, after all, roughly 49% of the world population. Men have issues, men matter, so let’s address and resolve them.

I prefer to do what I can to work on the final goal: a world where all people are treated impartially under just law, and with dignity in culture. I happen to primarily focus on men, in this respect, but I’m also happy to stand up for women, when it’s a legit issue.

I enjoy collecting like-minded people, those who are honest, respectful, as rigorously disciplined in their arguments as is reasonably possible. I’m more than happy to accept challenges and counter-arguments, or to let people say what they have to say. I draw the line at intentional bad manners or trolling and such. I’ll entertain the most divergent point of views as long as they’re sincerely held. Who knows? You might change my mind for the better. I am usually sweet as pie, but I can be a gnarly, acerbic fellow, based on how you approach me. I prefer the former but do not shy from the latter.

I do ask one thing: please, use your real name and a real email address. Drive-by comments are typically rather shallow and seem almost universally to lack any depth of thought, and there’s little point in responding to someone who won’t receive a response notification. I can accept that one might want to choose the safety of a nom de ‘net, and will accept it, but I’d urge you to stand up for your thoughts, and beliefs by fully identifying yourself, as I do. You have a voice. It is your own. Use it wisely and prove that you are willing to commit to what you say and do.

A note about my arguments: unless otherwise specified, take for granted that I base my arguments on current day, North America. I know the culture, can speak the languages, and thus am capable of understanding  the laws. While historical arguments may have their place, the future can only be changed here and now, not there and then.

Francis Roy's photo

I use my full and correct name, and this is my current image. No need for feminists to attempt to “dox” me, I’ve done the work for you.

I  live in Québec, Canada.



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  1. idiotwriter says:

    Oh wow – I need to introduce you to ‘Nav’ at ‘The Mirror’!!! I think you will love his blog :D

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