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I will discuss the Men’s Movement on The Magic Sandwich Show, Sunday, July 12, 2015

I will appear as a guest on The Magic Sandwich Show, on  Sunday, July 12th, 2015.

We will be discussing The Men’s Movement, and a number of related topics. It will be an introductory level talk. Expect many definitions, distinctions and clarifications. Come and join us!


Women Nowadays: a litany of horrors, GoodMenAmongUs a balm

There was once a YouTube channel called “ViolentWomenAmongUs” that had some 1500 to 2000 news clippings of women perpetrating horrible deeds. It was taken down. Another has taken its place. I don’t know if it is the same person.

The channel, like this one, is soul-sickening and rage inducing in its variety, persistence and sheer mass. Here is a more recent example.

Whereas the previous channels are an important resource to help re-balance the notion that women are precious, special, victimized princesses incapable of anything than goodness and light, it wasn’t enough.

I was so affected by the channel’s content that I had decided to create my own channel: GoodMenAmongUs *

Where our society tells us that men are horrible, violent, abusive rapists, I felt the need to show the other side of that coin. The Good Men Amongst Us channel is designed as a soul-balm to those who feel that men are being treated as little more than the evil puppets of the patriarchy.

I only update it sporadically, as my mental state requires, or as I run into a fortunate example worthy of putting up on the channel. It isn’t enough to be negative, one must be positive.

I invite you to subscribe, to pass it along to those who you think might benefit from it, and to send video recommendations of the like via a private message on the channel.

* I am embarrassed to say that the channel should have been properly named goodmenamongsTus :)


A letter to Tamara Kreinin of the The David & Lucile Packard Foundation

Some time ago, The Parsemus Foundation made a request on their mailing list of their subscribers to write a letter. The David & Lucile Packard Foundation had generously granted $50,000 to The Parsemus Foundation to help them with the development of Vasalgel.

They had asked

Help us thank Packard Foundation!

We got the check! It’s hard to believe — Vasalgel’s first foundation grant. Packard Foundation is the first foundation (other than little Parsemus Foundation, which has been carrying the weight for almost 5 years) to stand up and say men deserve reproductive rights too — and to put their money where their mouth is, to the tune of $50,000! It’ll help keep us afloat through manufacturing and testing — and we think if they like what they see in terms of how we handle this grant, they might get behind Vasalgel in a bigger way later.

But our biggest fan at Packard Foundation (he says Vasalgel is the contraceptive of the future) is leaving the foundation in the next couple of months. We’re nervous about how much the rest of the team really knows about Vasalgel. Will you help let the rest of the team know how important Vasalgel is to all of its supporters?

We had an idea for something a little warmer and fuzzier than email. How about going all old-school with it — actually getting out paper thank-you cards? Think what an impression that would make!

If you’re reading this at work, obviously that might be kind of hard, but maybe you can print something out (here’s a site that seems fairly non-annoying) or pick something up at Trader Joe’s. If you’re home, maybe you have a stash of thank-you cards handy. We asked, and our fan at Packard Foundation said it’s okay to send them (they won’t get annoyed), and to send them to the department head:

Tamara Kreinin
Director, Population and Reproductive Health
The David & Lucile Packard Foundation
343 Second Street
Los Altos, CA 94022

If you write, you can let them know why Vasalgel is important to you (and optional, the short version of any birth control horror stories you’ve had — although maybe not too graphic!). We’re kind of curious — out of 20,000+ people on the mailing list, will they get 10 cards, or a hundred, or a thousand? Either way, it should make an impression.

I have waited a while so that they may be the first to read the letter. This is what I have sent.

November 21st, 2014
Tamara Kreinin
Director, Population and Reproductive Health
The David & Lucile Packard Foundation
343 Second Street
Los Altos, CA 94022

Dear Ms. Kreinin,

I have recently learned of the assistance that the David & Lucile Packard Foundation has given the Parsemus Foundation to develop, and bring Vasalgel to the market.

I wish to express appreciation for your foundation’s assistance in this matter. Yours is a significant act that may help the common man to more effectively deal with one of the most significant and fundamental issues that affect us: lack of fertility control. Just as “the pill” changed the world by offering women choice and control over their fertility so, too can contributing to men’s choice to control our own. For the first time in the history, humanity may be in a position to ensure that all children are chosen, and by both parents.

This is an incredible boon to all, and at every level.

I value having control of my life and, to avoid the penalties of an unchosen pregnancy, have cautiously eschewed long-term relationships with women. I wish that I would have had the option to discreetly control my fertility using a method that is practically tamper-proof throughout my life. I could have engaged more fully in my relationships, free of concern for the consequences of creating an unplanned and unprepared-for child. I would like our young men and women to enjoy this option.

You and yours at the foundation are surely aware of the legal and cultural circumstances that make it difficult for men to enjoy peace of mind and a sense of security when faced with issues of paternity fraud, or those of cultural and legal biases of the family court system. The best way to avoid such issues is to choose carefully and ensure that there is no room for accidents. Vasalgel’s purpose is fertility control; its true promise is genuine reproductive equality and autonomy for all.

Vasalgel can change the world, for men, women and the children we choose to have.

Again, I offer my sincere appreciation and heartfelt thanks for using your power, influence, and funding to help The Parsemus Foundation bring Vasalgel to the world. You have played a part in making it a better one, and in a meaningful way.

Francis Roy
Québec, Canada

Will you write one too?

Thank you if you do.

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An open letter to Sandman, MGTOW YouTuber

It kills me when I hear conspiracies of “Men would not be ‘allowed’ fertility control methods.” In order to believe this one must believe 1. Men have no voice. 2. Men have no political power. 3. Men are not part of the market and 4. We must ask permission from “our betters” to grant us this boon. This is nonsense.

Are you a Man Going His Own Way? Or are you a vassal to those who claim to be your betters? You can’t have it both ways.

Vasalgel is coming along fine. Help fund it if you would like a one-procedure, effective, 10 year lasting, safe, discreet, non-hormonal and reversible method to control your fertility.

The only reason why men don’t yet have fertility control is because we’re a bunch of lazy bastards who aren’t willing to team up to support those making it possible.

I’ve heard the claims that “The Feminist Lobby is working against us.” Bullshit. The one source that people point to is the Brazilian Dr. Couthino, who merely made the claim that Feminists objected. I have no evidence that they’ve actually done anything other than flap their lips. Vasalgel could be ready in the US in under 5 years, and for the rest of the Western World? That depends on you. I’m doing what I can to make it available in Canada in as short a time as possible. What will you do to bring it to your country? You don’t need to do everything, just do something.

Guys. Send The Parsemus Foundation $10. Now. Sub to their email list. Help as you can.

The David and Lucile Packard foundation granted them $50 k. Very little compared to all of the costs.

Here is what you can do for the price of one sheet of paper, one envelope and one stamp. Write them a hand-written letter thanking them for their support of the Parsemus Foundation. Tell them why you want fertility control. Tell them how it will concretely make a better world by helping bring Vasalgel to market.

Read their mission statement, and write a letter that makes the connection between their accomplishing their mission and supporting The Parsemus Foundation in bringing Vasalgel to market.

Write to:

Tamara Kreinin
Director, Population and Reproductive Health
The David & Lucile Packard Foundation
343 Second Street
Los Altos, CA 94022

Seriously. You can make a difference. You can create change. Take one hour to write a thoughtful and encouraging letter. Don’t get all conspiracy-hatred and fuck-the-wimmenz oriented. Praise them for their excellent deed, and make a direct connection between their positive action and making a better world for men, women and the children we choose to have.

Sandman, you’re a Toronto guy, I’m Canadian too. Use this platform that you’ve successfully built to make a difference, rather than merely freaking people out. I invite you to contact me to discuss the matter. Let’s talk via Skype or Google Hangouts, privately or publicly.

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How you can help men, and promote fairness

Recently, an author by the name of Chris Good has penned articles on The Huffington Post, a well-known Feminist enclave. He writes critiques of Feminism and discusses men’s rights. This is somewhat of an unusual and daring act for them. Let them know that we’ve noticed and that we appreciate it. Provide positive feedback to HuffPo. Get your friends to do so as well.

But don’t merely limit the kudos to HuffPo– positively reinforce any magazine, website, radio show or television programme speaks of genuine equality and fairness, when they put men in a positive light, when they hold women to account in what would normally be dismissed because of benevolent sexism.

Give them praise when they do well.

Write a polite and courteous note of appreciation–and CC any the leadership of the companies that advertised on that page. Make yourself pledge to do this at least once per week. It’s 30 minutes of easy and effective activism that you can do.

This is an example of a simple letter I fired off to HuffPo.

I’ve been reading articles written by Chris Good, and I must say that it is refreshing to have someone speak simply and positively about men for a change. He also has the courage to be contrarian in these political times.

For as long as The Huffington Post continues to write articles that despite not adhering to a mainstream narrative, remain positive towards both sexes, I shall continue to read your website, and where applicable, avail myself of your advertiser’s products and services, while letting them know where their advertisements were exposed.

Keep up this kind of good work.

Francis Roy.

One person who writes a polite note does not amount to much. Many people, even a dozen or so, a constant trickle, CCing the advertisers does, especially if they aren’t from the usual suspects. Too often, people will write only to express disagreement. I suggest that we give some positive feedback, for a change.

If you do choose to do this, thank you.

MGTOW in a nutshell…

MGTOW in a nutshell: not your protector, not your provider, not your sex-object.

MGTOW in a nutshell: not your protector, not your provider, not your sex-object.

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Did Feminism Get it Wrong?

This is a debate held between Sage Gerard vs Brian Clyne at Kennesaw State University for Men.

Sage Gerard, once again, gives an excellent exposition of the men’s rights side on the topic of Feminism. Excellent job, Sage.

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I do not require the burden of an ideology.


I do not require the burden of an ideology to be kind, just and respectful. ~ Francis Roy

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The sexual exploitation of boys

The sexual exploitation of boys. 1 in 6 men or boys you’ve met have likely been victims of sexual abuse, by either men, or women. Listen to Lynne MacDonell, therapist and leader of the group A Time for Men speak at University of Toronto on the subject of sexual abuse of men and boys. This is a simple, but fact-full talk, that everyone who considers themselves to be a fair person should listen to.This will probably be uncomfortable for many. That’s OK. Listen anyway. Some of you might not care. You’re the ones that should listen to it the most, if only to know that such things happen to men and boys too. If you sincerely believe in equality of the sexes, it’s time to stop seeing one sex as being exclusive perpetrators, and another, exclusively as victims.

This is one of the best talks I’ve heard in years. It is short, simple, and full of revealing observations.

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Canadians against discrimination of men and boys in government funded programs.

Are you Canadian? Have you signed this petition yet? If not, I encourage you to do so.

Canadians against discrimination of men and boys in government funded programs. Petition | GoPetition

Petition Background (Preamble):

On October 3, 2014, Kellie Leitch, Status of Women Minister, announced that $1.1 million has been allocated to fund eight programs dealing with cyberviolence against women and girls. Last month, another $25 million was committed over a five-year period to combat violence against Aboriginal women and girls. No funding has been committed to address cyberviolence against men and boys, who are just as susceptible as being victims as women and girls.

A common trend and norm that seems to be thriving is that only women and girls are victims, while men and boys are not. The office of the Honourable Kellie Leitch acknowledged that women can be just as culpable to violence as men. The fact that eight men to two women commit suicide in Canada each day is another ignored issue facing men and boys.

Stop a Bully, a Canadian registered national charity founded by Trevor Knowlton in 2009, has published bullying statistics that show it is not just females who are bullied, but also males, according to a 2011 Ipsos Reid survey of 416 Canadian teenagers:

The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms forbids gender discrimination. Is the Government of Canada guilty of violating the Charter by not providing equal funding and protection against cyberviolence to males? Canadians should ask themselves, “Why are men and boys not treated equally to women and girls, where gender equality is the expected norm?”


We, the undersigned, call on the Canadian federal government to end gender discrimination against men and boys through unequal funding of government programs and provide equivalently-funded programs for men and boys that currently exist for women and girls.

The Canadians against discrimination of men and boys in government funded programs. petition to Kellie Leich – Status of Women Minister, John Duncan – Minister of State and Government Whip, PMO was written by Ian Gruber and is in the category Gender Rights and Issues at GoPetition. Contact author here.

My comment:

The government has, for too long, promoted via funding, ministries and programs dedicated exclusively toward females. The reason for this has never been to promote equality of the sexes per se, but to respond to the political trend of Feminism.

Genuine equality means looking at the facts: both men and women experience advantages and disadvantages. If genuine impartiality for the sexes, so called “gender neutrality” is to be effectively implemented, one must strive for equality for both, simultaneously. This means that we must stop assuming that one sex is systematically advantaged to another’s detriment, and measure in an unbiased and impartial manner the conditions of both sexes.

If there is a minister of Status of Women Canada, so should there be one for men–or none. If there is a StatsCan survey on violence against women, so should there be for men–or none. Where women have the choice to become parents or not, so should men.

A genuinely unbiased and impartial legislation should not focus exclusively on advantaging one sex, not should the application of enforcement or policies. Equality must be for all, or it is not equality.

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