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Huffington post endorses sexual violence against men

The Huffington Post has decided that sexual violence against men is “comedy”.

Shame on the Huffington Post. I recommend that anyone having a subscription to the magazine cancel it immediately.

FireShot Screen Capture #101 - '8 Sex Positions That Will Blow His Mind and Destroy His Penis I Reductress' - www_huffingtonpost_com_reductress_8-sex-positions-that-will_b_3381552_html

8 Sex Positions That Will Blow His Mind and Destroy His Penis, regendered.

8 Sex Positions That Will Blow Her Mind and Destroy Her Vagina.

Sometimes you want to make love. And sometimes, you just want to destroy your woman’s vagina. Check out the eight sex positions below that’ll be sure to rock her cunt off.


1. The Flip-it-and-reverse-it Corkscrew
Have your woman lie on her back and mount her reverse-cowboy style, facing her feet. Then go into a mini-backbend with the back of your head towards her face. Now grind into her like your trying to free a cork out of wine bottle with a broken corkscrew. The painful grip is sure to destroy her vagina.


2. The One-Two Punch
This one’s not so much a sex position as it is an intimate way to relieve stress. After a long day of work, come home, light some candles, put on your favorite tunes, then punch your woman in the twat. This will definitely take her by surprise, and you will most certainly destroy her vagina.


3. Under the Bleachers
Not ready for home base? There are plenty of ways to satisfy your woman without going all the way. Consider giving her a hand-job and never stopping ever. Her vagina will be ruined.

To read more of this article and more exciting men’s media, visit Reductress today.


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Reasons to go MGTOW: Ms. Entitled

You make a number of errors. The first is that we care about what you think of our genitals. The second is that we somehow have some moral duty to inform you about the shape of our genitals. The third is that we have some duty to “do whatever you want.”  “My main goal is to make you happy.” One has must be a sick person to either say it, or expect it a potential partner to say so. “She is the most important thing.” Entitled much? You aren’t “the most important thing.” You may or may not be important to him, but he is the most important person in his life. You either agree to walk your paths side-by-side, or you expect abject servility.

If I were generous, I could stretch and say that what you’re hoping for is open and honest communication. But that would be overly generous. You come across as a narcissistic child with a sense of entitlement. The attitude that you express is a great part of why men are abandoning relationships with women. Your entire video was Me! Me! Me! You give to me!

I will save your video as an example to young men as an example of the to the type of woman to avoid if he has interest a legitimate relationship.

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Another reason to go MGTOW – sperm theft

Women stealing sperm? C’mon, what woman would do this? Impossible! Unimaginable. This kind of thinking belongs to the paranoid and delusional.

Liz Jones on This Morning – Sperm Stealing

At 3:41 while discussing the theft of a man’s sperm to defraud him into parenthood, the host expresses her concern: “This is not very Gurl Power. It’s giving us a very bad name, and I worry about that.”

This is what toxic femininity looks like.

On the plus side, we have two women who actually bother viewing men as human.

The women say that the man has the right to not have a child.

Unfortunately, this is false. We do not have that right under law, should we lose control of his sperm. I do want to congratulate them for their sentiment that men should have that right though. This video is a rare moment of honesty on the matter in the media. Good on them for that, at least.

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Women Nowadays: a litany of horrors, GoodMenAmongUs a balm

There was once a YouTube channel called “ViolentWomenAmongUs” that had some 1500 to 2000 news clippings of women perpetrating horrible deeds. It was taken down. Another has taken its place. I don’t know if it is the same person.

The channel, like this one, is soul-sickening and rage inducing in its variety, persistence and sheer mass. Here is a more recent example.

Whereas the previous channels are an important resource to help re-balance the notion that women are precious, special, victimized princesses incapable of anything than goodness and light, it wasn’t enough.

I was so affected by the channel’s content that I had decided to create my own channel: GoodMenAmongUs *

Where our society tells us that men are horrible, violent, abusive rapists, I felt the need to show the other side of that coin. The Good Men Amongst Us channel is designed as a soul-balm to those who feel that men are being treated as little more than the evil puppets of the patriarchy.

I only update it sporadically, as my mental state requires, or as I run into a fortunate example worthy of putting up on the channel. It isn’t enough to be negative, one must be positive.

I invite you to subscribe, to pass it along to those who you think might benefit from it, and to send video recommendations of the like via a private message on the channel.

* I am embarrassed to say that the channel should have been properly named goodmenamongsTus :)


WGTOW: Women Got To Own (the) World


For those of you familiar with MGTOW or “Men Going Their Own Way,” this idea will not be new to you.

This website essentially exists for three reasons:

1. To create a stronger language bond between females. This site is made by women for women! Nothing typed will be said in acknowledgement of male readers; the equal and opposite of MGTOW spaces.

2. As a way that I can reach out to find possibly interested women that want to start a discussion that looks for positive ideas

3. To perhaps help current feminists consider a different point of view, one that has more life in the long run.

I’m sure that the women who did this think of themselves as fair, and honest and good willed. They appear to be anti-Feminist and don’t want to trample on men.

I can only ask myself “What the fuck are you thinking? What is wrong with you?”

This website and its intent is an abomination to me.

It is a me-too, mindless bandwagon jump from women who have no good sense, zero originality and the immature drive to belong to something for no reason other than it is gaining popularity.

This is a pattern that we see from women, often: “Oh! Look! Something popular! There’s fun and entertainment being had without me! I want my fun! I want to be part of it! For men only? Doesn’t matter! Let us into the locker-room! We want in! Gimme gimme gimme!”

You are the selfish and clingy girlfriend who insists on showing up at her boyfriend’s night out with the boys. It’s not even that you want to be there, it’s that you want to feel self-important and believe that you have the power to make yourself accepted, even when you aren’t.

We aren’t going to politely tolerate you. Get the fuck out.

Sincerely: Fuck off! Go away. You are unwanted and unwelcome. You are intruding. You are out of place. You are an uncomfortable and unwanted weight. We don’t want you around.

We see what you’re doing, even if you haven’t got the self-awareness to notice: you are doing that whole cultural appropriation thing that women do: smile, infest, invade and absorb. It is the plausible deniability of the dull-witted copy-cat. “I’m not going your way! I’m just walking mine! It just so happens that my way is wherever you are! Nyah!” You’re hoping that we’ll be polite with you just long enough to get use to it and give up. No.

Go away. Seriously.

You are trying to crash our party, the guests are walking away from you, and you are obnoxiously trying to inject yourself into a group that is telling you that your presence is a displeasure.

Men Going Their Own Way is a movement based on getting away from the potential danger that women bring. Lets be clear: We like you as people, we appreciate you as a person, and you are potentially dangerous. Now get the fuck out of our space.

I am trying every trick that I know of to express the utter contempt and rejection of you for your mindless daddy-abandonment issues driven choice. If we were on the Serengeti plains, I would tie you up and run across the to the other side of the predator’s territory. I would cross canyons and chasms to get away from you. If you followed me, I’d push you off a cliff. I want you to feel a deep and paralyzing, embarrassed shame that causes you to slink away and crawl under a rock in foetal realization that you’ve fucked up, while we take the opportunity to distance ourselves from you as quickly as we can.

Do you understand, “Women Going Their Own Way?” Take no, for an answer. Go away. You are unwanted and unwelcome. We reject you. Fuck off. Leave. Beat it. Scram. Go find an alligator to play with. Feed yourself to a hyena. Be an adult. Not only do we want you to mind your own business, but we want you to leave us to mind our own–that is the whole point of it, after all.

Want to be part of something? Think it up and build it yourselves you unoriginal, imaginationless, second-rate, me-too, copy-catting, bureaucratic, tag-along mother fuckers. Stealing big-people’s clothes and sneaking into a business meeting does not make you part of the company. Men aren’t your babysitting service, we’re not your boyfriends, we aren’t here to entertain you with new ideas. Doesn’t matter how much of a show you make of “not being like the women that men reject,” we reject you.

And think up your own name, while you’re at it.

I know you don’t feel like it, but you are poison. An infestation. Toxic to men who are simply trying to do their own thing. You are the one that little children point to and say “Look! A bad lady!” You are as bad as Feminists. For fuck’s sake. You call yourself “Women Going Their Own Way” while following ours.

I sincerely do not have the words to make my message so stabbingly personal that it will cause you to experience the emotional shock of realization that “I don’t belong here” to the degree that you permanently back off.

WGTOW: go away. Be men’s rights activists, be anti-feminists, create an equality movement for men and women on your own. Be separatists, isolationists, even. But please, stop trying to appropriate this exclusive men’s space, the space that we’ve created to get away from you.

This is what I want from you. Remove every page from your website save the index page. Have it read the following: “Real women respect men. We reject WGTOW.” I am requesting that you to do this today. I know, you’ve paid for the domain, and maybe the hosting. Do it anyway.

Create a new group. Women for women. Isolate yourselves from men. Find an island and go live on it. That’s fine. Be more than a me-too monkey. Dissociate in every possible way with Men Going Their Own Way, MGTOW.

I hope to have utterly discouraged you and have broken your heart from this project. Every word is sincere. Go away. That, or get ready to be pushed off the interpersonal cliff.

Addendum: That you think that MGTOW are doing this for fun shows how clueless you are. Your site is gyno-porn. You are masturbating womanhood in the hopes that other women will masturbate back at you. It is gynocentric back-patting, a circle-rub of “Ain’t we gals great?! Yes we are! Why? Because vagina!

Have you bothered asking why men are going their own way? Because that way is anywhere other than where you are, you vapid monkey-children. Why are we getting away from you? Because your self-centred, gynocentrism makes you do selfish and stupid things that fuck us up and cause us pain. We aren’t MGTOW for fun, we are doing it to avoid the pain that you and your kind are and bring because of your very mindless me-too Girls Just Wanna Have Fun attitude.

Don’t be a Woman Going Her Own Way. Just GO away.


How Misandry is promoted and how to fix it.

Step 1: Create a video that portrays men as being Schrödinger’s Rapist.

Make sure that you get comments such as

Your the best Mark! That’s a rear man to share and due the right thing. I hope if my daughter was ever in a situation like this she finds such a gentleman!

Step 2: Expose it for the fraud that it is.

Step 3: Rub the noses of everyone who merely re-shared it without thinking.

Then keep on rubbing it in.

And just keep repeating the same message over and over: “Men are good.”

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Misandry: An eye opening experience

This video is for context. Starts at 34 minutes.

Next, watch this, starting at roughly 23 minutes.

I watched the debate, I witnessed how his opponent brought the issue up. I’m a Canadian, for me, this is par for the course. I’ve always accepted that such behaviour is simply the way things are. I’ve experienced situations like this more times than I can remember, and as always, took it for granted that I was being treated in such a manner, because, being male, I deserved it. I’ve lived my life with this. The situation was no different than asking “Have you stopped beating your wife, yet?”

At the time, on the video, I thought to myself “How’s he going to get out of this?” It was a purely intellectual (although admittedly angsty) moment of calculating social messages. It wasn’t until this video that it dawned on me that this is what every-day sexism and misandry is. I didn’t recognize that Sage was being wronged. This is what internalized misandry looks like.

Sometimes, it takes another to stand up for you to realize that you needed to be stood up for. I have to ask myself “Why hasn’t anyone stood up for me like this when I was young?” I’ll tell you one thing: I’ll stand up for the next young man I find in this kind of situation.


We often hear complaints from Feminists and women, generally, that they wish guys didn’t “have to act so tough.” Do you know why guys have to be so tough? To defend themselves against the men that take up for women, for no reason other than trying to get laid. You know why guys get laid? Because they have the confidence that comes with the regular practice of putting up with this stuff. Women: want to to have a guy that is more “emotionally vulnerable”, and “more ‘in touch’ with their feelings” pick those that are and shun those that aren’t–and treat them well.

Feminists: do you want to know how to reduce the number of men that are genuine rapists? Stop putting out a constant stream of abuse that causes men to have to emotionally harden up against the attacks and messages that they are less than deserving humans, and so eventually not build up a psychopathology of resentment and the need for power.

Women can stop rape. Do your part. Treat men with dignity.

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Misandry don’t real! How to Castrate your Man in 7 Simple Steps.

Some things neither require, nor deserve greater commentary than mere exposition.

Fuck you, Cheri Williams.


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Official request for response to Human Clothing promoting sexist messages

I am requesting a formal public response from those authorized to speak for Human Clothing. Do you consider the following modification of a product page found on your website and used to promote one of the many similarly-themed products currently sold to promote a socially and morally acceptable message? Why, or why not? What is Human Clothing’s stance on dehumanizing an entire demographic?


I look forward to their response.

Follow-up a couple hours later: the post has disappeared, and I’ve received no response.

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This is what Feminism looks like: Dehumanizing men.

Is this acceptable to you?

If not, then neither should this.


Go ahead, tell me to look the term “Feminism” up in the dictionary, so that I can know “what Feminism really means.” Tell me that Not All Feminists Are Like That. Share with me, how “Feminism is about equality of the sexes.”

I believe that I can find more of such things in a day than you can find of messages that promote that men and women are both worthy of dignity and how both should be treated justly, impartially and with kindness in a month.

When Feminism is deeply ensconced in the UN, Federal governments, corporate and local business, media and culture in general, there is no good reason to believe that “It’s only a few extremists.”

I hereby challenge anyone to make a cogent, reality-based, evidence-based argument for the claim that “Feminism is not a hate movement.” Convince me. I will listen to any argument that is cogent and fact-based.

Convince me. I pledge an skeptically rigorous and intellectually integral inspection of your arguments.

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