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Bathing in male tears

You bathe in male tears? Most simply shower.

You bathe in male tears? Most simply shower.

By the way, the Japanese imagination will never cease to wonder me with ideas I would never have conceived of.


Huffington post endorses sexual violence against men

The Huffington Post has decided that sexual violence against men is “comedy”.

Shame on the Huffington Post. I recommend that anyone having a subscription to the magazine cancel it immediately.

FireShot Screen Capture #101 - '8 Sex Positions That Will Blow His Mind and Destroy His Penis I Reductress' - www_huffingtonpost_com_reductress_8-sex-positions-that-will_b_3381552_html

8 Sex Positions That Will Blow His Mind and Destroy His Penis, regendered.

8 Sex Positions That Will Blow Her Mind and Destroy Her Vagina.

Sometimes you want to make love. And sometimes, you just want to destroy your woman’s vagina. Check out the eight sex positions below that’ll be sure to rock her cunt off.


1. The Flip-it-and-reverse-it Corkscrew
Have your woman lie on her back and mount her reverse-cowboy style, facing her feet. Then go into a mini-backbend with the back of your head towards her face. Now grind into her like your trying to free a cork out of wine bottle with a broken corkscrew. The painful grip is sure to destroy her vagina.


2. The One-Two Punch
This one’s not so much a sex position as it is an intimate way to relieve stress. After a long day of work, come home, light some candles, put on your favorite tunes, then punch your woman in the twat. This will definitely take her by surprise, and you will most certainly destroy her vagina.


3. Under the Bleachers
Not ready for home base? There are plenty of ways to satisfy your woman without going all the way. Consider giving her a hand-job and never stopping ever. Her vagina will be ruined.

To read more of this article and more exciting men’s media, visit Reductress today.


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On the “I am not a White Supremacist” plea

Someone had left a comment on (where else?) YouTube. This is a fragment of his comment”

“To be very clear, I am not a White supremacist.”

My response:

You don’t need to say those words, you know, and it is to your (political/rhetorical) detriment to actually say so; doing so is a sign of weakness. Allow idiots the chance to expose their ignorance by calling you names, then simply slap their arguments down.

“as a White man who happens to be very proud and protective of his race”

As a white man, my race is no more important to me than a dog’s is to it. This does not mean that I tolerate discrimination or disrespect toward me because of my race.

It is perfectly acceptable to mock those with stupid ideas, and one need not (and should not) add the slightest qualifier. I don’t care if you’re proud of being white. Racism towards white people, or black, or yellow or brown or red or whatever is racism: the belief that one race is superior to another. If you do not believe that one race is superior to another, you are not a racist, regardless of accusations levelled at you.

Either an idea is sound, or it is not. Those who espouse unsound ideas are fair game to have their ideas — or their character — mocked, regardless of how they’re born.

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#CalgaryExpo – Politics above professionalism

Calgary Expo: Politics above professionalism

Calgary Expo has shut down The Honey Badger Brigade’s booth and has banned Allison Tiemen for life, for no reason other than SJW politics. The operators of the Calgary Expo have shown a greater interest in sexual politics than promoting and celebrating of comic books, fantasy and fiction that customers paid for. They have also banned Allison Tieman, a comic book creator for life. Guess which company will also no longer receive my patronage, for life?


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Feminist and Social Justice Warrior’s racism and sexism deconstructed

The term “privilege” is merely sexist and racist projection on the part of the gullible and the dishonest.

Yet another conversation with a Social Justice Warrior, one who smarmily attempts to appear just and fair handed.

Alexa said

It is important to hear and understand the point of view of individuals from the privileged group, regardless of whether or not they are triggering or offensive, so that we can begin to work together – because no matter what, eliminating racism and discrimination in the U.S. is going to be a group effort.

Alexa, this is such ideologically based nonsense. The notion of a “privileged group” is nothing more than an extension of Feminist doctrine, and whose roots reached out to the times of British Couverture laws. What the Feminists then, as the Feminists do now was to look at only one side of the story. I am no longer amazed at the complete lack of knowledge and thought by those who would bandy such quasi-religious terms about, and that they do not recognize the sheer entitlement and self-centeredness of their perspective.


"Privilege" from the Feminist Perspective


Alexa said

This completely invalidated the project for me and makes me believe that it was made for the wrong reasons.

In other words, as long as you thought that the project lined up with your ideology, you thought it was great, then you learned that the artist disagrees. Suddenly, the project was worthless. Do you know, Alexa, that the words “sexism” is patterned after of the word “racism?”

Do you what what the antonym for each is?

“Impartial, unprejudiced.”

You have shown yourself to be neither. “The privileged group” is a racist a term couched a smarmy and self-congratulating (and unearned) self-righteousness.

It is based on the false notion that the world is divided into two classes of people: oppressors and oppressed. Bad people versus good people. The term privilege is used to denote a class of people who have advantages and immunities that the other does not, and has the fabricated backdrop of historical abuse of one over the other. Thus, those labelled “privileged” are viewed and treated as abusers, bad people, and are treated as if they were morally inferior, while the so-called abused don the cloak of morally superior. When one refers to someone as “privileged” they are typically insinuating that the one who accuses another of privilege does not have the power to abuse, thus, has the social status of the oppressed as a justification to claim the moral high ground. It is the hypocrisy of the deceitful and morally lame who either do not have the mind to discern their own emotion-justifying thoughts, or the courage to forthrightly proclaim that the feel superior to someone, for no reason other than race, or sex. It is the indirect, snake-in-the-grass, hypocritical emotional manipulation of the morally corrupt who are doing little more than projecting their own racism or sexism.

Among white people, it is the liberal middle-and-upper class liberals who subscribe to the message that somehow all white people are guilty of the Original Sin of a small and most likely unrelated group of British Monarchists or Southern US KKK types. White people are so well-meaning that they self-flagellate to prevent your type from dumping shame on them.

Some of us have bothered to learn about the world, and have thought critically about it, and our place in it. We refuse to run the the corner like an abused dog every time an ideologue tenses up and starts bandying silly terms like “privilege” about.

Abandon your prejudices, Alexa. They reflect poorly on both your character and your intellect. Treat people impartially. That’s all you need to do.

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Women Nowadays: a litany of horrors, GoodMenAmongUs a balm

There was once a YouTube channel called “ViolentWomenAmongUs” that had some 1500 to 2000 news clippings of women perpetrating horrible deeds. It was taken down. Another has taken its place. I don’t know if it is the same person.

The channel, like this one, is soul-sickening and rage inducing in its variety, persistence and sheer mass. Here is a more recent example.

Whereas the previous channels are an important resource to help re-balance the notion that women are precious, special, victimized princesses incapable of anything than goodness and light, it wasn’t enough.

I was so affected by the channel’s content that I had decided to create my own channel: GoodMenAmongUs *

Where our society tells us that men are horrible, violent, abusive rapists, I felt the need to show the other side of that coin. The Good Men Amongst Us channel is designed as a soul-balm to those who feel that men are being treated as little more than the evil puppets of the patriarchy.

I only update it sporadically, as my mental state requires, or as I run into a fortunate example worthy of putting up on the channel. It isn’t enough to be negative, one must be positive.

I invite you to subscribe, to pass it along to those who you think might benefit from it, and to send video recommendations of the like via a private message on the channel.

* I am embarrassed to say that the channel should have been properly named goodmenamongsTus :)


Check Your Dirt Poor 3rd World Male Privilege

Check Your Dirt Poor 3rd World Male Privilege

Lana Voreskova said:

At weekends, the teacher meets her friends and they all sit around wondering where all the good men have gone.
/me nods.

Misandry: An eye opening experience

This video is for context. Starts at 34 minutes.

Next, watch this, starting at roughly 23 minutes.

I watched the debate, I witnessed how his opponent brought the issue up. I’m a Canadian, for me, this is par for the course. I’ve always accepted that such behaviour is simply the way things are. I’ve experienced situations like this more times than I can remember, and as always, took it for granted that I was being treated in such a manner, because, being male, I deserved it. I’ve lived my life with this. The situation was no different than asking “Have you stopped beating your wife, yet?”

At the time, on the video, I thought to myself “How’s he going to get out of this?” It was a purely intellectual (although admittedly angsty) moment of calculating social messages. It wasn’t until this video that it dawned on me that this is what every-day sexism and misandry is. I didn’t recognize that Sage was being wronged. This is what internalized misandry looks like.

Sometimes, it takes another to stand up for you to realize that you needed to be stood up for. I have to ask myself “Why hasn’t anyone stood up for me like this when I was young?” I’ll tell you one thing: I’ll stand up for the next young man I find in this kind of situation.


We often hear complaints from Feminists and women, generally, that they wish guys didn’t “have to act so tough.” Do you know why guys have to be so tough? To defend themselves against the men that take up for women, for no reason other than trying to get laid. You know why guys get laid? Because they have the confidence that comes with the regular practice of putting up with this stuff. Women: want to to have a guy that is more “emotionally vulnerable”, and “more ‘in touch’ with their feelings” pick those that are and shun those that aren’t–and treat them well.

Feminists: do you want to know how to reduce the number of men that are genuine rapists? Stop putting out a constant stream of abuse that causes men to have to emotionally harden up against the attacks and messages that they are less than deserving humans, and so eventually not build up a psychopathology of resentment and the need for power.

Women can stop rape. Do your part. Treat men with dignity.

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Misandry don’t real! How to Castrate your Man in 7 Simple Steps.

Some things neither require, nor deserve greater commentary than mere exposition.

Fuck you, Cheri Williams.


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Potty-Mouthed Princesses: Childhood indoctrination at work.

This is what Feminism looks like. Exactly zero of the claims made were correct. That is 100% of what was said has been proven incorrect for at least the last 25 years or so. The two root assumptions of Feminism, the two root assumptions without which Feminism cannot be Feminism are 1. Women are oppressed and subjugated, 2. by men.

When you hear *any* claim, read any meme, see any video that seems to promote “women’s equality” ask these two questions: 1. Does this message, even if it does not explicitly say so, assume that women are victims? and 2. Does this message, even if it does not explicitly say so, assume that men are perpetrators?

If so, then you have found a message based on the political ideology of Radical Feminism. You do not need an ideology, especially a false one, to be a good person. In fact, accepting and acting on these sexist tenets goes a long way to preventing you from being a good person.

Walk away from Feminism. Don’t accept that women are powerless victims, or that men are powerful predators. Accept that all people have strengths and weaknesses, are both good and bad, and treat each, accordingly, based on their character and behaviour and merit, not on some “fucking” ideology.

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