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Cheerios: so, this is what it’s like to get one’s ass kissed

This ad is to men what a kajillion ass-kissing ads have been to women for the last 40 years. The ad does nothing but promote the positive value of a man’s role as a parent, from his point of view. It’s total ass-kissery–and what a refreshing change! So this is what it’s like to be somewhat catered to… It’s seductive. No wonder that so many women have lost their minds:a completely wet ass but combined with the pseudo-rage raised by false Feminist statistics: wet and excited, no wonder Feminism has duped so many women. Validation from both sides of the fence. When you are who you are, you’re great, when someone treats you like a human being, but you don’t like it, you’re even greater. It’s No-lose-no-lose!

I’m going to go buy me some of these Peanut Butter Cheerios and pour Guinness over them.

By the way, Fellow MRA’s, this is an example of good copy-writing. Not that I can do it, but I recognize it.

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Men are liars, manipulators, abusive, batterers, murderers, child-killers: N.O.W.

“But you don’t understand what Feminism means, what it’s really about!” ~ Too many Feminists.

Dear Feminist. I have read the dictionary. I’m well aware that the definitions reflect current usage of a word. No matter how much lipstick you put on a pig, it’s still a pig.

A Feminist is what a Feminist does. Here is what the flagship of the Feminist movement says and does. You know, the very National Women’s Organization that Betty Friedan co-founded?

This is how the membership speaks among themselves whilst in impolite company. Read the tone, the accusations and the pathetic logic.

This is your flagship, Dear Feminist.

I offer another grain of sand on the ever-growing beach of Anti-Feminism; we’re glad to encroach on your pool to subsume it until such time the world sees Feminism for what it is. Devoid of its pretension it is little more than stagnating mud.

NOW Foundation Opposes Phony Parental Alienation Disorder

Over the years, hundreds of women have contacted National Organization for Women chapters looking for assistance in their efforts to protect minor children in family court custody proceedings. Often these women have been accused of a phony psychiatric condition, termed Parental Alienation Disorder (PAD). The “disorder” has been proposed by so-called father’s rights (men’s custody) activists to be added to the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostics and Statistics Manual – V to give it more legitimacy than it currently has — or should have — in court.

This accusation is made by abusive ex-husbands and is intended to cause the courts to disregard mothers’ claims of fathers’ physical or sexual abuse in an effort to gain the fathers’ full or joint custody. NOW Foundation is concerned that because of the alienation accusation known batterers and child abusers have been awarded custody; the numbers of cases involving dads in custody disputes abusing and murdering children is appalling. (See link below)

The notion of a parental alienation in custody disputes was advanced by the late Dr. Richard Gardner who committed suicide in 2003. The alienation accusation has been embraced by men’s custody activists as an effective weapon to undermine mothers’ bid for legal custody of minor children. Many advocates on behalf of mothers believe that batterers, child abusers and pedophiles populate these men’s custody networks. There have been numerous instances of documented batterers and child abusers being awarded custody by biased family court judges.

NOW Foundation has sent a letter recently to the American Psychiatric Association noting that publications by the American Bar Association and the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges have concluded proposed “alienation disorder” is inadmissible in court and has been discredited by the scientific community. Accordingly, family court judges, lawyers and other court personnel should take action against the use of the alienation accusation in cases before them. Read NOW Foundation’s letter (PDF) and for more information on family court issues, go to the family law website.

More information on fathers and ex-partners involved in child custody or child support matters who have killed children, murdered mothers and/or committed suicide, please visit this website [Note: the page is broken, it redirects to here: Dastardly Dads. -FR].

Link to highlighted screenshot.

Allow me to quote from, the website that NOW officially points to:

Contrary to fathers’ rights propaganda, father perpetrators (along with stepdads and caretaker boyfrends) dominate the most vicious crimes against children: sexual assault, abusive head trauma, murder-suicides, crimes involving gun violence, and other similar forms of physically violent/fatal child abuse. And as more dads are providing child care (either because mom is working and can’t find other care, or because dads are increasingly getting unsupervised visitation/custody through the family courts), more dads are are being found guilty of basic child abuse and neglect as well.

Heads Up: Comments that slander the victims and/or the mother (especially when no criminal charges have been filed against her involving a violent crime) will not be published.

As for praising or excusing molesters, rapists, murderers, or violence-addicted fathers in general as poor, oppressed and/or misunderstood creatures who are “really nice guys”? Those comments won’t be published either.

Don’t waste my time or yours.

ALSO: Please keep in mind that I do not have the time or resources to investigate each crime independently, so I am forced to rely on media reports. I regularly critique these reports, highlighting the obvious omissions, vague or euphemistic language, or logical gaps in the way they are written. But I am seldom in a position to fact check every detail. If you believe the essential facts are incorrect, then contact the reporter or the publication. [Emphasis mine –FR]

Link to screenshot of

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One solution to many woes: make sperm scarce.

The Grim Guy, Lucian Vâlsan wrote a very interesting article: A bachelor tax – not so unlikely in which he describes the Romanian circumstances in the 1980’s under Nicolae Ceaușescu. The Romanian Communist Party decided to increase the birthrate in the country – being dissatisfied with how the population recovered numerically following the World War II. One of their approaches, in addition to starving the population was to tax men over 25 that had no children. This was colloquially known as “the dick tax.”

In this context, of absurd desire of the supreme leader to increase
birthrates and to pay off national debt by quite literally starving the
population gave birth to the so-called celibacy tax of 1986.

To be honest, were this to happen in North America, I would consider this a good thing: it would be a solid legal reason to bring up issues of men’s lack of reproductive rights. You want to tax us as incitement to have children? Provide us the same sort of rights and protections that we have granted women. Were this the case, I suspect that you’d see “marriage” or at least some form of pairing up regain popularity. Something like this is a series of milestone lawsuits waiting to happen.

But for today’s environment, I’m convinced that the best means is still the pressure of withdrawing the benefits of free/cheap dick to women, the withholding of children (making great efforts to not create them, that is), of provision and of protection.”

Feminism can only exist in an environment of where sperm is freely and cheaply available, where dick is an undervalued commodity. When women control reproduction in large part due to men’s lack of decent contraception, in view of men’s drive  to enjoy normal, happy, intimacy as sexual beings and in view that laws involving reproduction work mostly in women’s favour and mostly to men’s disfavour.

Consider: if men were the gatekeepers of their reproduction, if we could control our fertility, there’d be significantly less paternity fraud, less dispossessing men of their homes and goods, less dispossessing of their future salaries designed mainly to bring in more revenue to the court. Feminists would have even less claim to the notion that men are rapists. Of course, they’d still find a way to find the withholding of dick as a form of oppression against women, by “denying” them the “right” to make babies, but honestly, one who seeks to be a victim needs very little excuse. But it would be another means to cause women to re-evaluate how men are treated.

Consider that as men, we literally give away diamonds and our future for the opportunity to give away sperm. We treat our sperm as though it were garbage, we pay to have our future hauled the dump, so to speak.

It’s time to turn the world around. Men, keep your dicks–or at least your sperm–to yourselves. Make it a scarce commodity. I can imagine no greater tool to help change the laws. The sound of thundering biological clocks would shake the foundation of the current legal and political system.

This is one reason to support the Parsemus Foundation with bringing Vasalgel to North America, then the world. Donate to The Parsemus Foundation here.

We do still have our sexual drive, however. In a world where prostitution is legal, but soliciting the service is not, we would have need some outlet. This is where porn, sex toys and sex workers can become an important player in a whole new economy.

We would probably need to create 1-3 generations of men who view their sperm as the valuable commodity that it is. We’d need to ensure that temporary sterilization become a right of passage as soon as the child is able to consent, where parents consider this as a means to protecting their boys. We would need to put an end to sperm donation.

A large part of our world’s problems are due to uncalculated and not carefully premeditated choice in reproduction. This would of course be a large scale social engineering project, but if Feminists have taught us anything, it is that our world’s societies and cultures can do a 180 in one generation. That is spinning on a dime in terms of species time-scale.

So boys: protect your sperm and treat it as a commodity more valuable than diamonds. Our seed is literally the seeds of the future. Treat it as such.

It is time for men to adapt and adopt this as the new male anthem :)


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A Feminist on Paternity Testing

Paternity can now be verified by a simple test – but that doesn’t mean it should be

At a stroke, the one thing that women had going for them has been taken away, the one respect in which they had the last laugh over their husbands and lovers. DNA tests are an anti-feminist appliance of science, a change in the balance of power between the sexes that we’ve hardly come to terms with. And that holds true even though many women have the economic potential to provide for their children themselves.

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Because she’s “not happy”

Purple Heart’s Final Beat – A Soldier Suicide Story

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This is why we need men’s rights: False accusations in Spain

From the YouTube description

34 minutes video about “False accusations in Spain”.

SPAIN year 2008 : 142,125 accusations against men.

The Spanish government observatory of Gender Violence shows in their report that there have been 142,125 accusations against men only in the year 2008, – and 12.7% of the accusations ended up with a conviction.
The Judge, Francisco Serrano, from the Family Court in Seville, declares that only 9.7% ended up with a conviction.

Out of 142.125 accusations – 126,491 men were NOT guilty.

The 34-minutes video presents some of those persons who lately have ended up in a chaotic situation in the Spanish court system. It is based on talks maintained with these victims and linked with a summary of the statistics available and a written histology.

Mismo vídeo con narración en español: YouTube: rafa7855


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