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Dear “Progressives,” it’s time to take personal responsibility for the state of the world.

The world is not messed up because of “systems” or of “institutions.” Our world is messed up because we have failed to develop positive behaviours and character habits.

The following few examples will show you how the system is you, and how you can change you, rather than berating others to change for you.

If we all practiced frugality and economy, there would be fewer McDonald’s restaurants. Why pay $16.00 for a meal, when that will get you 2 kg ground beef plus 5 kg of potatoes?

Less McDonald’s, less factory farming, less social unease about animal treatment.

Let us say that the meal is for two. Take the other $16.00, and buy 10kg of flour. You’ve got two or three dollars left over. Do you know that a box of Kraft dinner is about 1/4 cup of flour? $2.50 A 10 kg bag of flour costs the price of 6 Kraft dinner boxes.

ConAgra and such would sell less junk food and our diets would likely consist of better food. Less sickness, and a lowered chance of experiencing “fat shaming” thanks to an improved diet.

Do you know that one live 4 week old chicken costs $7 to buy? Add $15.00 of feed for 9 months: $29.00. One dozen eggs cost about $5.00

$30/$5 = 6 dozen eggs. One chickens will have paid for itself in 72 days or two in 36 days. Call it 5 weeks. That means that every 6 days, your two chickens are generating $5 of value. That’s a free latte a week! Now, take that saved $5, and instead of purchasing a latte give the money away to a homeless person. You have just protested the wrong colour disposable coffee cup that will not go to a landfill and are working to cure world hunger.

Would we worry about factory farming if everyone had a couple of chickens? How would our neighbourhoods look? What if we all took to gardening? What if we grew just a touch too much and stored it? We can do all of this, and hold a full-time job.

People complain of the 1%-ers. They have only  reached such heights because people spend on ease, convenience, and from of ignorance (lack of knowledge).

Part of the bad stuff that people protest against is the effect of our lack of frugality on the individual level across millions of people.

Please raise your index finger and look at it. Now, shake it, as though someone’s face were on the other side. That is the cue to look to your own behaviour, and ask yourself how you can take responsibility and how you can change you, a part of “the system.”

Rather than nagging people, pass these ideas around, and use them inspire people to make judgement free changes to the world.


Found in the cross-eyes of a feminist’s hair. Thanks to Mike Buchanan and Caprizchka for the heads up.

Mike Buchanan from Justice for Men and Boys and Caprizchka brought the following to my attention: It turns out that a feminist website, pointed to my blog. The author chose a few memes, presumably those easiest to make facile mockery of, distorted their meaning as negatively against men’s rights as he possible could. It was an attack as vicious as as a kitten’s yawn before it rolls over and covers it’s eyes with it’s paw. Sadly, that’s too cute an analogy. The so-called commentary held as much insight as a 3 year-old picking it’s nose, examining the prize and eating it before being distracted by it’s next bodily function.

Since David Futrel was cowardly enough to download some of my memes, feed off of them, but not bother to tell me, or to link back to my website, I can only assume that he’s ashamed of his unusually low-brow behaviour and is hoping to sneak one-off without getting caught. If it weren’t for Mike Buchanan and Caprizchka I’d never have known.

I’ll return the favour by not pointing back, and forward a favour to my readers by not wasting your time. The post (unworthy of being addressed as an “article”) and all but one or two of the comments are little more than masturbation and sycophancy. One would find more insightful commentary from a seal barking and clapping it’s fins, hoping for a half-mackerel down it’s throat. On the other hand, Mike Buchanan’s site Justice for Men and Boys and Caprizchka have something to say, why not give them, the ever-vigilant a look-see?

And Futrel can analyze this.

Link to screenshot

Update: I’m informed that Futrel now added a link to my site, after having been called out on it. People can make up their own minds, David, a fact that you don’t apparently respect. There are those that strive to live an upright life, then there are the Futrels of the world, those that strive for the cheap and the debased while attempting to cloak themselves with a moral authority that was never earned. I’ll spend no more time on you.

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Things I’d like to know: Origins of the Borg

If the Borg were a real species, what would its evolutionary path have been, when and how did they start mixing cybernetics with their flesh? A History of The Borg would be a fascinating read.

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To Selbstbestimmung of

I found the following web-page that pointed to this blog:

Dear Selbstbestimmung,

I’m glad that you found this one tid-bit of information useful. But you quoted only the first part and represented it as though it were the whole story. It’s not. Don’t do that. It’s not cool.

The don’t-slice-your-baby’s-dick-apart argument is strong enough that it doesn’t need to be supported by half-truths, even by the well-meaning.

The whole story is that in fact, the question of circumcision, in North America, in case of a dispute is typically handled by each hospital differently, and that a recorded objection might quite easily scare the hospital into refusing to do the procedure and recommend court.

I agree that New York’s Mt. Sinai’s position, if I’ve accurately reflected has some room to improve on procedures. It would be fair to demand the signature of both parents, when available. Ideally, I’d like to see circumcision limited to the same criteria where female circumcision procedures are called for. Life or health threatening only. But they are subject to the law as much as we are.

Do not misinterpret one single fact as a global truth without context. You would be better off addressing the laws themselves.

Thanks for listening.

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The Importance of Misogyny

Kelly Jones posted this video in 2009, I’ve just discovered it. I admit that I was a bit shocked by her title, but I find myself mostly in agreement with her.

My response:

“Misogyny” does not mean the rejection of woman. It is contempt (holding in low regard, viewing something as beneath one’s standards) and/or hatred (passionate dislike; to “like” something is to enjoy it, or hold it in high regard) of women as a class.

The authentic meaning of misogyny, therefor, is holding women, as a class, as people that are beneath one’s standards, as unenjoyable or held in low regard.

Misogyny, refers to the hatred or contempt of human females, not their traits. A deeper inquiry into the matter as you have done here does expose that it is indeed the rejection of harmful or non-productive traits, those that impeded survival and climbing up Maslow’s hierarchy.

The problem though is two-fold:

First, our little monkey brains finds it easier to do what brains do best: manipulate sensory input, therefor it is easier to focus on an object (a body) that has traits (female) than it is for it to focus on non-sensory, intangible traits such as those you’ve described. Instinctively, and without work, humans will usually ascribe misogyny as a social disapproval, or lower moral value to women, incorrect as this may be upon deeper inspection.

Second: there is political (and emotional) weight behind the word misogyny, and a path-of-least-resistance investment in continuing to perceive the word as such.

If general get-along-ness in today’s conditions is of importance, then we must start from where we stand. High tech society, low-tech instincts. We do have an advantage though: we can be acculturated, learning by repetition.

A way of “eliminate misogyny” would be to acculturate humans to transcend our instincts (Pff! Barely an afternoon’s work!). One way of doing it would be to use the therapeutic technique of habituation as a parenting technique. Another of course, is to teach critical thinking from day 1. I’m sure there are more.

I agree with your analysis, and yet find myself unsatisfied at being unable to see a (relatively) quick and practical means of bringing about a more practical set of cultural responses.

Thanks for making me think.

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A new Men’s Rights Activist Frequently Asked Questions section

I’ve just added a new section to this website: Men’s Rights Activist Frequently Asked Questions.

I welcome and am motivated by your respectful participation.

I acknowledge that this topic can evoke as much–if not more–heat than light. What we’re aiming for here, is light. I’m more than happy to accept challenging questions and comments, but disrespectful behaviour will be ignored and summarily deleted. All comments are moderated, not to censor voices, not to create “a safe space”, but simply to maintain an atmosphere of respect between humans. Face it: nobody likes dealing with an asshole. Expect that I might rewrite a comment or question for clarity, or to help it fit in with the flow of the questions and answers.

My aim it to provide as accurate a document as possible so that people of good-will can interact as such.

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Free WP theme with list-children on

With the advent of the new Men’s Rights FAQ, I realize that I’m going to need a theme that has a list-children page. Does anyone know of a free theme that looks good, that I can use on that has one?

If not, then I need to roll my own theme, and host it on my own server, but I enjoy the networking aspects that are available on, the reblogging, likes, showing up in searches. Is it possible to tap into this even though I’m on my own server?

Please let me know!


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Sexism, Feminism, Men’s Rights, & Rape Apologetics

Just did a GoogleHangout with Ozymandias Ramses II and Ilana.

I very much enjoyed the conversation between two ideology free and good-willed people regarding Sexism, Feminist, Men’s Rights and so-called “Rape” apologetics.

Them’s is good folk.

It’s also the first time I’ve been on air and the first 10 minutes or so I battled 4 cups of coffee and first-timer’s state fright. Ozy is an excellent moderator who not only knows how to pick up at the right moment, keep the conversation flower, but can cover dead space :)

Thanks Ozy!

[Later, as I relisten] at about 1:44:00 I regret that I did not have a long list of named men’s issues that men are working at. I’ll be doing a post on the matter soon.

[Later] Here is a list of some of the issues that affect men.

Below are some of the links promised:

University of Toronto protest against Warren Farrell. Warren Farrell protest at the University of Toronto – Full version This is a link to Warren Farrell’s channel. His book “The Myth of Male Power” was the book that helped me gel all the loose ideas and emotions that I’ve had since I was a child.

Warren Farrell’s YouTube Channel Warren Farrell is probably the premiere voice on Men’s Rights.

Paul Elam
Founder of Probably the man who’ll shock you the most, but who understands and expresses the basics of men’s rights from the bottom up. One of the better known Men’s Right’s hubs. It is a place for men to express themselves freely. Bring your appreciation for satire and an open mind. If you disagree with something–participate and TELL US why you think we’re wrong. You might be surprised.

Links to some of the other more important channels that I promised.

I consider these  heaviest intellectual hitters on YouTube.

Karen Straughan
Just some Alberta chick who’ll make your head explode. Smart, saavy, intellectual and spot on.

Abstract intellectual, great at catching cultural presuppositions. She draws purdy pikchures.

JohnTheOther: The guy who really cracked my shell in regards to MHRM.

Other excellent channels

Fidelbogen: Good at philosophy and observing what is. Strongly anti-feminist in flavour.

Johnathan Taylor: A voice for male students

Studio Brule: Video documentarian.

Interested in the 6-7 hour discussion ( Listen to hit here. Part 1, Part 2. The above is also the show that inspired me to want to speak to Ozy and Ilana.

“Gentle” MRM speakers.

The Canadian Association for Equality (CAFE): Their moto: Equality means Equality for All. Their website:

Victor Zen: Smart guy, good speaker.

BillyClement: Billy is impossible to dislike. He simply oozes kindness and generosity of spirit.

Francis Roy: I guess I fall into this category, even though I haven’t put any videos up, yet.

There are many more excellent channels that deserve mention, but these are good, subject-focussed starting points.


For those interested in Men Going Their Own Way.

MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way). Heavy on Evolutionary biology.

Barb rossa
MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) excellent at deconstructing societal norms, excellent at deciphering cultural presuppositions.

Questions For Sighted People

Tommy Edison asks questions of sighted people. I hate to admit that there were very few questions that I could easily and satisfactorily answer with only one or two sentences. This video is as frustrating as it is funny. Take 2 minutes and 22 seconds of your life to listen to it, I’m sure you’ll find it valuable for much longer.

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Johnathan Haidt on morality, politics, culture and religion

Understanding the feminist point of view.

I’ve enjoyed Jonathan Haidt’s work since I first heard his original TED presentation: The moral roots of liberals and conservatives

Psychologist Jonathan Haidt studies the five moral values that form the basis of our political choices, whether we’re left, right, or center. In this eye-opening talk, he pinpoints the moral values that liberals and conservatives tend to honor most. Jonathan Haidt studies how — and why — we evolved to be moral. By understanding more about our moral roots, his hope is that we can learn to be civil and open-minded.

His essential point is that humans share 6 foundational elements of morality. These elements are what I’ve long called our “monkey instincts”.

  1. Care/harm for others, protecting them from harm.
    Protecting the weak and vulnerable, and having strong feelings against those that do harm to them. If you listen to the Radical Feminists, this is what they push the hardest on: women are oppressed by men. Women are vulnerable to the harm-doers, namely men. All men. Even the men that self-flagellate for them. The so-called “social justice” warriors, are in fact people who put most of their moral juice into one of the six cups. Enshrine and encircle victim groups and demonize those perceived as powerful.
  2. Fairness/cheating, Justice, treating others in proportion to their actions (He has also referred to this dimension as Proportionality.)
  3. Liberty/oppression, characterizes judgments in terms of whether subjects are tyrannized.
  4. Loyalty/betrayal to your group, family, nation. (He has also referred to this dimension as Ingroup.)
    You’re with us, or your against us, baby. If you disagree with one statement by one woman, you are obviously a misogynist that hates, hates all women. That exist. And ever have. And probably, ever will. Unless you accept to self-flagellate.
  5. Authority/subversion for tradition and legitimate authority. (He has also connected this foundation to a notion of Respect.)
  6. Sanctity/degradation, avoiding disgusting things, foods, actions. (He has also referred to this as Purity.)

If you’ve not yet watched this video, I strongly encourage you to listen to it. Listen to it the first time, just to absorb the information. Then every couple of months, give it a listen with a mind to a specific cultural or political element. Much of this is applicable to the issues often discussed related to the political or activists in the Radical Feminist and Men’s Rights communities.

Learn more about your own moral values.

If this interests you, and you’d like to find out where your own values lie within that scale, you can sign up and take a number of questionnaires to elucidate the matter.

Jonathan Haidt speaks on how moral values interact in politics and culture

I later found this very interesting talk with Bill Moyers where he discusses his new book The Righteous Mind: Why Good People Are Divided by Politics and Religion

I have a particular appreciation for his ability to look at human behaviour though a relatively objective lens that leads us to a better appreciation for the other side’s arguments. In my case, I’ve usually striven to separate fair and honest people who may refer to themselves as feminists, contra those who use the term “Feminist” as a euphemism for bigotry against men.

I thought the time watching this interview was well-spent, even though it focuses primarily on US culture and politics.

When compassion leads to sacrilege.

As I finished writing this post, I noticed a talk that Johnathan Haidt had given a talk that I hadn’t noticed. It totally nails Radical Feminism’s ultra-left stance. This talk is VERY worthwhile.

Jonathan Haidt presenting his talk, When compassion leads to sacrilege.

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