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The primary reason why men need effective, safe, long-term and discreet contraceptives

Paternity fraud. Watch the first 60 seconds or so. Consider that a woman is on national television asking an entertainer whether she should lie to a man to create a child, to force him into parenthood against his will. She’s literally showing her face and asking a pop entertainer as to whether she should coerce a man into parenthood. “My friends think I should trick him.” Friends. Plural. The entertainer agrees that she should. Poll the audience, almost all the women clap. Watch the man to the right and his body language. Watch Mr. Bowtie.

Now remember, apparently this woman loved a man enough to marry him. How far will she be willing to go she do when she’s ready to divorce him?

The primary reason men need effective, safe, long-term and discreet contraceptives: huge numbers of women are willing to lie and force an unwanted, life-long burden on a man to satisfy the immediate urge to have a child. What does the man think? It doesn’t matter, the law isn’t on his side. This option is available to her, and its human nature to abuse others if they can get away with it.

This is one reason why we need to support safe, effective, discreet and long-term contraceptives. Want to make the world a better place? Support The Parsemus Foundation in bringing Vasalgel to market.

I’m sometimes asked why I am a Man Going His Own Way. When conditions are such that someone that you are intimate with are pronounced enough that they will turn on you because not only are there no consequences, but that the law actually supports this kind of fraud, one can imagine that a man who wants to be in control of his own life might want to think long and hard and very carefully vet someone, and as a default, simply eschew situations in which an unscrupulous individual might gain some purchase over his life. The above is far from uncommon, and is the primary reason to go MGTOW.

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Bodily Autonomy and Bad Decisions

An interesting conversation between two YouTubers: The Skeptical Heretic and The Justicar.

The Skeptical Heretic starts off

Followed by The Justicar


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Venting to a feminist

It’s fairly rare that I listen to feminist promo pieces any more, but I was persuaded to watch this one by it’s brevity. I don’t really recommend taking the time to listen to it, it’s little more than the typical rehash of feminist arguments, very poorly expressed. I include it only for context.

The following was part of a comment exchange with one LJY08. I admit that I was venting, but I think that a lot of MRA’s might be able to identify with my fulmination. I am pleased, however, that s/he seemed to be among one of the more lucid, even if incorrect, in my opinion, and articulate feminists I’ve spoken with. I may be wrong, but I place him or her at a second-year women’s studies student.

“Your movement appears to have no theories about how society should be organised or what the overarching issue is with our current societies.”

You’re right–the men’s rights movement has no political theories. We aren’t here to dictate how people should think. We have goals. I’ve previously mentioned mine.

Your movement seems to be able to be reduced down to the following: “we feel cheated and we hate feminists”

Only someone who has never spoken with a Men’s Rights Activist would make such a comment. But that aside, not only do we feel cheated, but we know, measurably, that we’ve been fucked. Fucked hard. Without Vaseline.

We don’t hate feminists, we hate what has been done in the name of feminism. We hate that feminism convinces easily influenced yet potentially strong people to become victim-minded grievance mongers, finger pointers, self-adjudicators of political and moral correctness based on little more than the sensitivities available only to wealthy, well-fed and overly sheltered people who fear embarrassment–and so use shaming ostracism as their primary coercive and offensive tool.

Feminists are much like priests; they preach cotton candy and rainbows while reaching into your pocket and scheming to create laws and standards to ones which advantage women, even (especially?) when no advantage should be given, and to the detriment of men. Primary aggressor laws, for example, or changing the standards of proof so that “It’s more likely than not” that a young man is a rapist and thus potentially ruining not only his education, but potentially his career and the rest of the 60-80 years of his life.

We hate that feminists lie with statistics, tormenting them to fit a narrative though omission, distortion and Orwellian interpretation, such as Mary Koss claiming that that “made to penetrate” cannot be considered rape when the numbers are the same down to a few hundred.

We hate the self-righteous moralistic finger wagging, the plausibly deniable shaming, the refusal to listen and learn, and we hate the empty, thoughtless go-to argument of The Patriarchy Done It, when it’s evident that the use of rhetoric and indirect accusations are preferred over inconvenient facts.

We hate that feminist behaviour does not match feminist’s words.

What we hate is that people like you, rather than listening, assume that you are right, and that we’re merely uneducated about this wonderful ideology that will make the world one of rainbows, flowers and cookies, that we just don’t understand, that we simply don’t know the wonders of Feminism.

We’ve lived in your world, and it’s not what you make it out to be if you’re a man.

We hate that you use words like “privileged” when feminists are the very personification of privilege yet have the hypocritical temerity to wag your finger at us and chide us for being so gosh-darned hysterical, pardon me, “angry”.

“How do you intend to make the world a better place? Through a humanist movement?”

Through the accomplishment of our goals–men having reproductive rights would certainly change the world for the better. Through bringing in discreet long-term contraceptives for men–that would be a huge game changer too. In short, by taking power over our own lives, over feminists and women’s objections, because it would be inconvenient for them to not create “oopsie babies”, or to have automatic access to men’s possessions, money and life energy.

None of this requires humanism, or any other ideology.

“What would this movement look like?”

You’re witnessing it now. It looks like men not being shamed into silence. It means that when Feminists and women say ‘you should be less vocal and listen more’, we raise our voice–because we’ve listened, and we’ve changed to make you happy, and we’ve adapted, and feminists have not bothered reciprocating. Instead, like spoiled children, they demand more and more mattresses to cover a pea. It is a movement that is driven by the simple understanding that the world cannot work well unless both sexes have an adult understanding that in order to reap the benefits of fairness that both must also accept commensurate responsibilities and sacrifices, or in other words, the understanding that freedom don’t come for free.

We will continue to raise our voices and take action on our own behalf, because the so-called “gender equality” movement of feminism has more than failed in every respect for men, it has been ignored at the expense of men. “More equality” is not equality, it is a euphemism for superiority and dominance in law, culture and politics.

“What would its tenets be? Who would be coming up with the ideology?”

Who says we need tenets or an ideology? All we need is enough men to stop supporting the system, or acting to change it. We know what we want in a way that a Western woman can never know. You don’t need an ideology to dodge bullets, or avoid people who try to control you. You just do it. And many of us are.

“How do you intend to reconcile the masculine ideals with the feminine ideals?”

Honestly: we don’t. Fuck them both. Generally, men have the tendency to be individualistic, rather than collective minded. We’ll just do what we need to do, and find a way to get along as we go.

“There’s more to a movement than ranting and assigning blame.”

Yet, this is a precise description of a common behaviour used by feminism to have achieved its power over the system.

No more. The time of Feminism is coming to an end, and we who actually care about equality will make it inevitable, even if only by withholding our value. Get ready to learn about obligation and duty and responsibility and accountability when there’s nobody left to cover your butt or to carry your share of the load.

It felt really good to get that off my chest, wish I’d been more articulate, but such is the nature of things

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Men’s Rights March 2013 Internet Statement.

I agree with the contents of this document down to the last jot.

The official version of this document can be found here:


A new Men’s Rights Activist Frequently Asked Questions section

I’ve just added a new section to this website: Men’s Rights Activist Frequently Asked Questions.

I welcome and am motivated by your respectful participation.

I acknowledge that this topic can evoke as much–if not more–heat than light. What we’re aiming for here, is light. I’m more than happy to accept challenging questions and comments, but disrespectful behaviour will be ignored and summarily deleted. All comments are moderated, not to censor voices, not to create “a safe space”, but simply to maintain an atmosphere of respect between humans. Face it: nobody likes dealing with an asshole. Expect that I might rewrite a comment or question for clarity, or to help it fit in with the flow of the questions and answers.

My aim it to provide as accurate a document as possible so that people of good-will can interact as such.

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Sexism, Feminism, Men’s Rights, & Rape Apologetics

Just did a GoogleHangout with Ozymandias Ramses II and Ilana.

I very much enjoyed the conversation between two ideology free and good-willed people regarding Sexism, Feminist, Men’s Rights and so-called “Rape” apologetics.

Them’s is good folk.

It’s also the first time I’ve been on air and the first 10 minutes or so I battled 4 cups of coffee and first-timer’s state fright. Ozy is an excellent moderator who not only knows how to pick up at the right moment, keep the conversation flower, but can cover dead space :)

Thanks Ozy!

[Later, as I relisten] at about 1:44:00 I regret that I did not have a long list of named men’s issues that men are working at. I’ll be doing a post on the matter soon.

[Later] Here is a list of some of the issues that affect men.

Below are some of the links promised:

University of Toronto protest against Warren Farrell. Warren Farrell protest at the University of Toronto – Full version This is a link to Warren Farrell’s channel. His book “The Myth of Male Power” was the book that helped me gel all the loose ideas and emotions that I’ve had since I was a child.

Warren Farrell’s YouTube Channel Warren Farrell is probably the premiere voice on Men’s Rights.

Paul Elam
Founder of Probably the man who’ll shock you the most, but who understands and expresses the basics of men’s rights from the bottom up. One of the better known Men’s Right’s hubs. It is a place for men to express themselves freely. Bring your appreciation for satire and an open mind. If you disagree with something–participate and TELL US why you think we’re wrong. You might be surprised.

Links to some of the other more important channels that I promised.

I consider these  heaviest intellectual hitters on YouTube.

Karen Straughan
Just some Alberta chick who’ll make your head explode. Smart, saavy, intellectual and spot on.

Abstract intellectual, great at catching cultural presuppositions. She draws purdy pikchures.

JohnTheOther: The guy who really cracked my shell in regards to MHRM.

Other excellent channels

Fidelbogen: Good at philosophy and observing what is. Strongly anti-feminist in flavour.

Johnathan Taylor: A voice for male students

Studio Brule: Video documentarian.

Interested in the 6-7 hour discussion ( Listen to hit here. Part 1, Part 2. The above is also the show that inspired me to want to speak to Ozy and Ilana.

“Gentle” MRM speakers.

The Canadian Association for Equality (CAFE): Their moto: Equality means Equality for All. Their website:

Victor Zen: Smart guy, good speaker.

BillyClement: Billy is impossible to dislike. He simply oozes kindness and generosity of spirit.

Francis Roy: I guess I fall into this category, even though I haven’t put any videos up, yet.

There are many more excellent channels that deserve mention, but these are good, subject-focussed starting points.


For those interested in Men Going Their Own Way.

MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way). Heavy on Evolutionary biology.

Barb rossa
MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) excellent at deconstructing societal norms, excellent at deciphering cultural presuppositions.

Vasagel discussed on A Voice for Men Radio

Thanks to James Huff and Robert O’Hara for their discussion on Vasagel. And you’ve got it right: Safe, effective, discreet and long-term contraception for men is THE game changer.

Once we’ve got it brought to market, the next step is for men to gain reproductive rights (we have none), then I’ll work toward mandatory paternity tests. If the father is mis- or un-named on the child’s birth certificate pursuant to a paternity test,  a man shall not be saddled with 18+ years of obligation unless he wilfully and contractually opts in as a surrogate father.

The Best Birth Control In The World Is For Men

I’m currently taking steps to try to help bring this to market in Canada.

Please see the original post here:

The Best Birth Control In The World Is For Men

By . March 26, 2012, 11:25 AM CDT

If I were going to describe the perfect contraceptive, it would go something like this: no babies, no latex, no daily pill to remember, no hormones to interfere with mood or sex drive, no negative health effects whatsoever, and 100 percent effectiveness. The funny thing is, something like that currently exists.

The procedure called RISUG in India (reversible inhibition of sperm under guidance) takes about 15 minutes with a doctor, is effective after about three days, and lasts for 10 or more years. A doctor applies some local anesthetic, makes a small pinhole in the base of the scrotum, reaches in with a pair of very thin forceps, and pulls out the small white vas deferens tube. Then, the doctor injects the polymer gel (called Vasalgel here in the US), pushes the vas deferens back inside, repeats the process for the other vas deferens, puts a Band-Aid over the small hole, and the man is on his way. If this all sounds incredibly simple and inexpensive, that’s because it is. The chemicals themselves cost less than the syringe used to administer them. But the science of what happens next is the really fascinating part.

The two common chemicals — styrene maleic anhydride and dimethyl sulfoxide — form a polymer that thickens over the next 72 hours, much like a pliable epoxy, but the purpose of these chemicals isn’t to harden and block the vas deferens. Instead, the polymer lines the wall of the vas deferens and allows sperm to flow freely down the middle (this prevents any pressure buildup),  and because of the polymer’s pattern of negative/positive polarization, the sperm are torn apart through the polyelectrolytic effect. On a molecular level, it’s what supervillains envision will happen when they stick the good guy between two huge magnets and flip the switch.

Easier than aiming magnets at your junk.

With one little injection, this non-toxic jelly will sit there for 10+ years without you having to do anything else to not have babies. Set it and forget it. Oh, and when you do decide you want those babies, it only takes one other injection of water and baking soda to flush out the gel, and within two to three months, you’ve got all your healthy sperm again.

The trouble is, most people don’t even know this exists. And if men only need one super-cheap shot every 10 years or more, that’s not something that gets big pharmaceutical companies all fired up, because they’ll make zero money on it (even if it might have the side benefit of, you know, destroying HIV).

If this sounds awesome for you or your loved one, get the word out. Share this article. Or link. Or this link. Or this one. Or this one. Sign this petition. Do something! A revolutionary contraceptive like this needs all the support it can get.

UPDATE: A lot of people are asking to be kept in the loop. So here’s the clinical trial/mailing list sign-up from the Parsemus Foundation to get further information about this procedure’s development. And again, please fill out the short non-spam petition to get the procedure funded and keep buzz going.

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