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Man released after 4 years, false rape accusation

And yet another for the “collection.” :/

After 4 years of prison, Jonathan Montgomery is finally free.

In a bench trial, Montgomery was convicted of forcible sodomy, aggravated sexual battery and object sexual penetration.

He was sentenced to forty-five years with all but seven and a half years suspended.

17 year old Elisabeth Coast, in 2007 accused Jonathan Montgomery of taking advantage of her seven years earlier in 2000 when she was just 10 years old and Montgomery was 14.



Admitted false rape accusation, 9 years in jail, accuser not charged

Cassandra Kennedy Admits Lying About Father Raping Her, Man Released From Prison After Nine Years

Same old same old. Merely adding another example to the heap that is currently on this blog. One day, I’ll tag them, and when people ask for evidence of false-rape accusations, I’ll have a ready-made link. And this does not count the many, many other examples that I have not linked to.

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Real world effects of gynocentrism gone rampant

Again, false accusation of rape, the ruining of lives. The reason? Gynocentrism gone unchecked. Would this have happened to a woman were the roles reversed? I doubt it.

I congratulate Laura Wilson for coming forward to help Scott Espinoza. He spent 589 days in jail, and avoided a 35 year sentence but is forever branded a rapist because of a false rape allegation.

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Man freed after 29 years in prison for rape he didn’t commit

And this is one more reason The Innocence Project has my admiration.

Raymond Tower was found innocent of a rape for which he was falsely accused, charged, convicted and suffered in prison for 29 years.

Thank you, members of The Innocence Project.


The cost of a false rape accusation when proven innocent? $20,000

Why do some women make false accusations of rape? For some, its anger, for others, jealously, for some to save $13 in cab fare. Katelyn Webster’s reason? She’d rather send an innocent young man to face brutality in the prison system for 5 to 10 years, than admit to her father that she had voluntarily gotten “sucker-bites” while having spent the night at another man’s house.

In short: she chose a random man, and threw him into the legal meat-grinder to save herself a tongue-lashing.

Even though Matt Folino has been found innocent of the accusation, he spent four days in jail, and the cost in lawyer fees was nonetheless $20,000.

“When it’s ‘his word versus her word’, you need to pause and you need more [evidence].” This needs to be a campaign.

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Washington state court says accused rapists cannot bear burden of proving consent

They who make the claim bear the burden of proof. This one decision is a reversal of the insidious trend away from critical thinking, to support any anti-male, pro-women claim for no reason other than an accusation was made be a woman.

This isn’t what Men’s Rights looks like, this is what impartiality looks like, which, oddly enough is what men’s rights advocates are aiming for, which is what the early Feminists claimed to be working for.

Washington state court says accused rapists cannot bear burden of proving consent

(Reuters) – The Washington Supreme Court on Thursday ruled the burden of proving consent cannot fall on a defendant accused of rape, in a split decision that reversed two earlier rulings and prompted fears that dangerous offenders could avoid conviction.

The court in its 6-3 ruling reversed earlier decisions that forced an alleged rapist to establish a preponderance of evidence that a victim consented to sex. The court said such a burden violated constitutionally protected rights and also wrongly interpreted precedent set by the U.S. Supreme Court.

“When a defense necessarily negates an element of the crime charged, the State may not shift the burden of proving that defense onto the defendant,” the ruling said.

“Requiring a defendant to do more than raise a reasonable doubt is inconsistent with due process principles,” Justice Debra Stephens wrote, adding that doing so raises “a very real possibility of wrongful convictions.”

In a dissenting opinion, Washington Supreme Court justices wrote the decision would undo years of progress in rape cases and could allow some sex offenders to go free.

“In 1975, the legislature took an important step toward justice for rape victims when it modified the laws to focus on the conduct of the perpetrator and not the victim. Unfortunately, today’s decision by the majority reverses that progress,” wrote Justice Susan Owens.

In issuing its ruling, the court reversed the conviction of a rape defendant identified as W.R., a minor accused of rape by another minor.

W.R.’s defense maintained the sex was consensual and he appealed his conviction saying his right to due process was violated when he was forced to present the preponderance of evidence that his accuser agreed to the contact.

“This impermissible shift in burden is not merely academic but risks compartmentalizing forcible compulsion and consent, raising a very real possibility of wrongful convictions,” the ruling said.

(Reporting by Victoria Cavaliere in Seattle; Editing by Eric M. Johnson)

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Tarred and feathered – public shaming

We learn about a litany of human debasement. Ever hear that false accusations are never made against men? Listen to the second story from 10:12 to 28:00 (18 minutes)

Gene Cooley had just suffered a huge tragedy, and he was trying to move on. But suddenly anonymous posters started saying horrible things about him on a website called Topix. The horrible things weren’t true. But that didn’t stop the people in Gene’s small town — a town of just 600 people — from believing them. (18 minutes)

The problem with this kind of behaviour is not only that such accusations are made of anyone, but that people, accept such things. I’ve heard evo-psyche arguments for why people gossip, and while they may or may not be true, I can attest to the fact that gossip, and the believing of it (worse yet, the acting upon it) is not a necessity. One can, if one chooses, to rely on facts, and to behave impartially, if we choose to.

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Men’s Rights Press conference

I wish I could be there.

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Creepy woman harasses cabbie for sex, accuses him of extortion

Interesting how the author of the video calls this exchange “flirty”.

A video released this week of a taxicab encounter shows a flirty woman lift her skirt and make sexual advances on a driver, who for his part, politely rebuffs her.

As a result of Gaubert’s claims, the cabbie, Hervey Farrell, spent 27 hours in Orleans Parish Prison. His mug shot appeared in the local news with stories about a rogue taxi driver who filmed his passenger’s private parts without her permission and later tried to extort her. Orleans Parish District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro refused to charge Farrell, and instead charged Gaubert with filing false statements, a felony.

Original source (to the best of my knowledge) found here:

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This is what Feminism looks like.

This is what Feminism looks like

Apparently, this originated at

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