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Single dad gets no help. Young daughter left homeless: Support the Men’s Centre

I think that it’s terrific that women have all the help they can get, but why is it that men don’t have those same services? Men are human beings. I think there needs to be a greater call for men’s services.

I know that I often write about anti-Feminist issues. My real reason for being an MRA is the kind of story that we hear in this video. I remember when I lived on the streets in Vancouver for a short while, very few women were homeless. Those that were of three types: rock-bottom low-end junkies, prostitutes and teenage girls who thought of it as an adventure. Part of the reason there were more men on the streets than women, was because in the end, women could always trade sexual services for a meal or a place to stay.

You can help by donating to The Canadian Centre for Men and Families

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Homeless man ‘wins’ lottery

Faith in humanity restored, cynicism temporarily abated.

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