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Recognizing men and boys for who we are

I sometimes get tired of the bigots, nasty people, ideologues and generally negative people who put forth a constant barrage of negativity toward men.

This channel, GoodMenAmongUs shows men in a light that we need to see and express more often. If you find videos that are supportive of the basic humanity, goodness, kindness and compassion that men exemplify, send a note to the channel owner.

One sign of the world is becoming a better place will be when we see more men permitted to openly express love and affection for each other, as simple human beings.

It isn’t enough to claim that men and boys aren’t bad, we need to break the other’s negative focus by demonstrating to the world that we men and boys are much richer and more complex creatures than the negative stereotypes used to depict us by those that have some stake in the product of our demonization.

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An act of kindness, repaid.

A simple play. Set the scene in a Dairy Queen where a young blind boy drops a 20 dollar bill. Someone snags it from behind him and when called upon to return it, refuses. Our young hero compensates the victim from his own pocket.

Someone noticed, and let the world know. I want to live in the kind of world that this young man has taken part in creating.

On a tangentially and slightly more sour note, listen to the news anchors describe the events: the woman who picked up the money and not a more correct term: stole the money; such a great guy; hard worker; but they did reimburse him.

Why not have said: a good citizen, a good man, a kind man, a compassionate man, an honest man. Hell, let’s even get be daring with our adjectives: a good example, a role model.

/me shrugs.

My hat is off to you, Joey Prusak. Well done.

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Yet another example of horrible soon-to-be rapist boy showing his true colours

Hate! Hate! Hate! That’s what men and boys are all about. We terrible, awful, misogynistic horrible, horrible hateful creatures that have rape and murder built into our DNA. ALL MEN  (especially the white ones!) are simply bloodless ghouls from day one. Without exception, ever, ever, ever. EVAR! We are horrible, terrible threats to limb, life and female chastity. You can almost see this little fucker growing fangs and eyeing for the soft spot in her belly where he can plunge his claws in and eviscerate the innocent young girl victim-in-waiting.

Have your doubts? Here’s proof positive.

This one’s for you, Akriti a.k.a “George Maxwell”. Call the cops!

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