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Men: You are part of the problem. Don’t be sexist. Don’t be a White Knight.

Video after video. The mere accusation of a woman is enough to get a man beaten, or worse yet, killed. The problem is that women, being humans, lie for every reason that humans lie. The problem is also gullible, stupid and sexist men that take up for women, for no reason other than they are women, rather than assessing the facts.

“She said” should never be enough to override “He said.” Or vice-versa.

This applies to the man (and woman) on the street.

This applies to the man (and woman) in the uniform.

This applies to the man (and woman) behind the bench.

So-called “White Knights” are a problem as bad as liars, con-artists and thieves.

Gynocentrism is sexism. Stop it.

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One example of why I favour mandatory paternity testing at birth

Blood Test of Love

In a live chat, Prudie counsels a woman whose husband won’t feel affection for their child without proof he’s the dad.

A married couple of two years.
The woman announces that she is pregnant.
The husband and alleged father asks for a paternity test “for his peace of mind.”
The woman refuses to do the test (at least until the birth of the child/ren), and is considering destroying the marriage and becoming a single mother.

Prudence’s advice?
The husband is a “cold, hostile, accusatory lunatic” and “has no excuse” and is experiencing “a bizarre personality change.” The wife needs to tell him to get counselling to overcome his “derangement.” Now!

À vos commandes, mon Capitaine!

The husband made it clear that he didn’t have peace of mind, an issue that could be easily resolved with a simple post-natal paternity test. The woman hints that it is possible that he is not the father, or at the very least that she is willing to lie about it.

This is what misandry looks like.

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Compassion Rare in Japan–and for men in general

One of my favourite channels is TheJapanChannelDcom. The always-unnamed speaker discusses all things Japanese. Some light and frivolous, others charming, or practical, or traditional, or educational, and occasionally, to his credit he honestly reports on the darker side of Japanese culture.

This one particular episode discusses the notion of the Japanese having little compassion. In short, the Japanese are Stoics: when things are tough, don’t complain, try harder! Do your best! The notion of sharing one’s problems with another in Japan is inconceivable. What can the listener do about it? While this makes for a very self-reliant people, it can also have a downside: people are isolated, even in crowds, and this has a significant impact on the suicide rate. Seeing a psychologist or councillor is considered shameful, to the degree that suicide is seen in a better light than seeking what we Westerners would refer to as help.

This reminds me very much about how we often expect men to handle things. Men don’t speak much about our problems because it’s frowned upon. We should just try harder! Court has ordered you to pay 110% of your earnings in child support? Try harder! Can’t find a job because you you were unable to pay 110% of your salary in child support and you’ve had your professional licences revoked by the court? Try harder! Complain about it, and you’re simply weak and a loser. Shame on you for complaining.

Not unsurprisingly, a good many men commit suicide shortly after having their family destroyed, access to their children denied, outrageous court and lawyer fees applied, which is often followed by job loss, and eventually, depression which can to a final act.

I’ve often thought that suicide on its own is an example of a person feeling that they are without choices. Some men, pushed to the extreme, in the last act of helpless protest choose self-immolation. This is a fate that seems to be mostly reflected in some fathers, at the end of their rope choose; it is the ultimate act of despair.

All in all, the video is really worth the listen. I’ve been subbed to this channel for at least a couple of years. It never gets old, and the speaker is a very insightful man.

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Sex offenders ‘should have penis removed’

And what if the sex offender is a woman? What shall we remove?

Sex offenders should have penis removed
MP Robyn McSweeney says sex offenders ‘should have penis removed’

A West Australian Liberal backbencher has stood by her comment in parliament that serial sex offenders should “have their penis removed with a blunt instrument”.

There has been public uproar since a man known only as TJD was freed from prison last week by a Supreme Court judge under a strict 10-year supervision order.

Commissioner Kevin Sleight’s decision ended an indefinite detention order handed to TJD in 2011 following vicious assaults on more than a dozen women over 23 years and his psychological assessment as a sexual sadist with psychopathic tendencies.

On Friday, Liberal backbencher Robyn McSweeney stood by her comment made in parliament this week that chemical castration did not always work for sex offenders and “people like this should have their penis removed with a blunt instrument”.

“Obviously, I am a legislator and that is not going to happen, but when we see the damage that this man inflicts on women and children, there is no place for people like this to walk amongst us in society,” she told parliament.

“If I get into trouble for saying that, so be it, because I am not the first one to say things like that.”

TJD was arrested on Wednesday – eight days after being released – for allegedly breaching a reporting condition and was bailed before he appears in Perth Magistrates Court next week.

He is believed to have not brought a diary to a meeting with police.

Ms McSweeny said on Friday she was still “very angry” that TJD was released from prison and expected him to breach parole again.

“I hope that he breaches his bail by cutting off his ankle bracelet and then they can put him back inside (prison),” Ms McSweeney told Fairfax radio.

“He doesn’t seem to have any moral conscience.”

Attorney-General Michael Mischin has ordered a review of WA’s Dangerous Sexual Offenders Act in light of TJD’s release.

High-profile lawyers Tom Percy and Linda Black backed Mr Sleight, saying he was an experienced judge who was not lenient.


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Helpless machine: this is what misandry looks like

“Every seventh murder on our planet occurs within families.

And in most cases it’s all men’s fault.

This ad is revolting. Here’s the setup. A machine is rigged to do three things.

1. Fail to deliver a product that someone paid for, leaving the product just on the edge of dropping.

2. Show men trying to push or jar the machine so that the product edges off of the intentionally stalled rotor-spring, unknown to him.

3. When the machine is jarred, to display an on-screen woman crying as though she’s being abused.

The ad then displays selected bits of video of frustrated men trying to knock the product loose, of women telling him to calm down, of mothers protecting their young daughters, of police passing all interspersed with creepy music and images of a pretty young woman crying.

Do they show women’s reaction to being ripped off? No. Do they show men who’ve gone for assistance to get the machine to deliver? No. Do they show anything other than men supposedly acting “aggressive” and insinuating that it’s “that easy” to drive a man into a homicidal rage? No.

This ad is repugnant and makes me angry.

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Contempt for Men in Today’s Society: An Interview with Dr. Paul Nathanson

Contempt for Men in Today’s Society: An Interview with Dr. Paul Nathanson

McGill researcher Dr. Paul Nathanson interviewed at the event “Contempt for Men in Today’s Society,” the inaugural event of the McGill Men’s Issues Awareness Society, on March 2, 2012.

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Misandry — defined as contempt — for men, is a shockingly common and unquestioned feature of modern society. Whether represented by high or popular culture, its negative effects bias important debates about the role of gender with respect to the workplace, the education system, family law and even our understanding of violence.

Featuring a live interview with Paul Nathanson, McGill Professor and author of Spreading Misandry: The Teaching of Contempt for Men in Popular Culture (2001) Legalizing Misandry: From Public Shame to Systemic Discrimination Against Men (2006) and Sanctifying Misandry: Goddess Ideology and the Fall of Man (2010)

A truly interesting interview.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Legalizing Misandry: From Public Shame to Systemic Discrimination Against Men by Paul Nathanson and Katherine Young (Mar 21, 2006)

Spreading Misandry: The Teaching of Contempt for Men in Popular Culture by Paul Nathanson and Katherine Young (May 31, 2006)

Sanctifying Misandry: Goddess Ideology and the Fall of Man by Katherine K. Young and Paul Nathanson (Feb 8, 2011)

Next bit of money is going in this direction.

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Men’s issues aren’t yet fully acknowledged

Even by men themselves… Cut it out, guys! Speak clearly and loudly and make solid points. If you don’t value yourself enough to speak out, speak for the boys who cannot.

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