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Women’s power in the past

I’ve just discovered Lindy Beige, a channel that focuses on a lot the mundane moments of ancient life. These two episodes discuss women’s power in the past. I agree with much of it and find many bits very interesting.

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This is real MGTOW

Sean Stephenson speaks of The prison of your mind. He’s an excellent speaker.

This man is speaking MGTOW… even if he’s married. :)

Does else anyone find that he’s the Matt Dillahunty “type?”

A video that every MGTOW should see

This is a video that every MGTOW, or MRA should pay attention to. Very insightful. I’d rather let the content do the talking than to attempt to describe it.

Feeling down? Turn to the Japanese

Whenever I’m feeling down, I turn to the Japanese. They are disciplined, generally polite, but most of all, they have an insanely bizarre sense of humour.


Your Thrift Habits

I enjoy these old Coronet films. I wish someone had helped me to understand such simple things at Jack’s age.

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No no homo

… for free!

Hahaha! Too funny!


John Calhoun’s Mouse Utopia Experiment

This is quite interesting. I wonder we can reasonably draw parallels to the human species?

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Respect does not mean walking on egg-shells


For those interested, this man is a Coureur des bois, a runner of the the woods typically, a trapper. Le Voyageur, the traveller, was basically a pack-mule, the only means of transportation across very rough terrain.

Find out more about les Coureurs de Bois here and here. You can find more images here.

This is what the outfit comprised of. Think of it as survival gear.



Top to bottom, left to right:

Red shirt.
Fur bonnet.
Red toque.
Deer skin leggings.
Hood, and jacket–and of course the iconic fletched belt.
The Besace (precursor to the fanny pack!) that held all needed equipment to make fire, powder, shot, and personal saundries.

Find some reproductions of the kind of gear these men would use.


I enthusiastically encourage you to dress up as one. I am not my clothes, but I sure can dig them.


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House of D. A beautiful man’s movie.

The passing of Robin Williams made me very sad. He had the gift of touching people. Some people are like that.

As a remembrance, I’ve decided to watch the body of his work. Among them was a movie named House of D.  It is a sensitive, honest and realistic movie of what some of some men through.  If you haven’t watched it, please do. It’s the kind of movie that one remembers.

Movie poster for House of D

I allow myself a tear for Robin Williams.

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Tim Ellis has a scary good attitude

/me nods and smiles.

Way to go, Tim.

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